Vayu or Vata (ether & air)

Ayurveda defines that people are made up of three elemental constitutions or doshas, namely, Vayu, Pitta & Kapha. All ayurvedic treatments start with the identification of the doshas of the patient’s body.

Vayu or Vata means air. Vayu may be understood as nerve force, electro-motor, physical activity or that, which is responsible for motion. Vayu is responsible for all movement in the mind and body. The movement of Vayu even regulates the balance of Pitta and Kapha. Vayu is also found in (governing) the waist, thighs, ear, bones, and skin.

Properties of Vayu: Dry, light, cold, rough, subtle, moving

People with balanced Vayu will be adaptable, cheerful, have natural healing tendencies. People with excess Vayu in their bodies may be very thin, have dry skin, gas, constipation, bone problems or arthritis.They may talk very fast or become easily tired, Mentally, they may quickly grasp concepts but soon forget them; be anxious, worried, fearful, or nervous.

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