Panchakarma treatment is a Bio-cleansing regimen comprising of five major procedures intended to eliminate the toxic elements from the body and thereby enhances the immunity of the body. Prior to these five major procedures, there is Purva Karma or preparatory procedures given to the patient. Snehana or oleation is one such preparatory procedure.

Snehana stands for lubrication of the body systems by the administration of fatty substances internally and externally. Snehana uses commonly four types of Snehana Dravyas for treatment- ghee, oil, fat & bone marrow. Out of these, Ghee is considered best.

Snehana (Oleation) includes

  • Abhyantara Snehana (Internal Oleation)
  • Bahya Snehana (External Oleation)

The patient who is intended to undergo Snehapana (Internal administration of medicine, Sneha) is the take the medicine in the early morning (within 15 minutes of sunrise) in the prescribed dose based on his digestive capacity, nature of the disease, condition of the body etc. The patient is advised to take complete rest, avoid day sleep and follow a strict diet as prescribed by the doctor.

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