Pitta (fire)

Ayurvedic defines that people are made up of various combination of elements. Ayurvedic treatment starts with identifying the elemental constitution of the body. There are 3 main elemental constitutions or doshas defined in the body, Vayu, Pitta & Kapha

Pitta relates to internal fire, bile, body heat, digestive enzymes, physio-chemical, biological, metabolic and endocrine systems. It is responsible for digesting the chyle into a protoplasmic substance like sperm and ovum. Pitta also governs the navel, sweat, lymph, blood, eye, and skin.

Properties of Pitta: Slightly oily, hot, light, odorous, liquid

Pitta-dominant individuals, when healthy and balanced, will be warm, and have clear, penetrating thought. They will tend to be athletic. They will be of moderate, muscular build, and will be passionate, When they overheat, they may find themselves impatient, hot- tempered, or too critical. Physically, they will develop heat-related problems like ulcers, infections, rashes or acne, eye problems, or high blood pressure.

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