Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicine)

Kayachikitsa is related to soul, mind & body. Psychosomatic theory recognizes that the mind can create illness in the body and vice versa.

Kayachikitsa describes 7 body constitutions and 7 mental constitutions.

  1. Vayu (air/energy)
  2. Pitta (fire)
  3. Kapha (Water)
  4. Vayu/ Pitta
  5. Vayu/ Kapha
  6. Pitta/ Kapha
  7. Tridosha (A combination of all 3)

Although finding the cause of an illness is still a mystery to modern science, it was the main goal of Ayurveda. Six stages of the development of disease were known, including aggravation, accumulation, overflow, relocation, a build up in a new site, and manifestation into a recognizable disease.

Modern equipment and diagnosis can only detect a disease during the fifth and sixth stages of illness. Ayurvedic physicians can recognize an illness in the making before it creates more serious imbalance in the body. Health is seen as a balance of the biological humors, whereas disease is an imbalance of the humors. Ayurveda creates balance by supplying deficient humors and reducing the excess ones. Surgery is seen as a last resort.

In Kayachikitsa, a unique therapy called Panchakarma, completely removes toxins from the body. This method reverses the disease path from its manifestation stage, back into the bloodstream, and eventually into the gastrointestinal tract (the original site of the disease). It is achieved through special diets, oil massage, and steam therapy. At the completion of these therapies, special forms of emesis, purgation, and enema remove excesses from their sites of origin. Finally, Ayurveda rejuvenates- rebuilding the body’s cells and tissues after toxins are removed.

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