Kapha (water & earth)

Ayurvedic defines that people are made up of various combination of elements. Ayurvedic treatment starts with identifying the elemental constitution of the body. There are 3 main elemental constitutions or doshas defined in the body, Vayu, Pitta & Kapha

Kapha fill the intercellular spaces of the body as connective tissue. Examples of these tissues include mucus, synovial fluid, and tendons. Kapha is responsible for the gross structure of the body (solid and liquid/ phlegm- plasma). Each person is made up of a combination of these elements. Kapha additionally controls the chest, throat, head, bone, joints. small intestine. plasma, fat, nose, and tongue.

Properties of Kapha: Oily, cold, heavy, slow, smooth, slimy, static

The Kapha predominant individuals, when balanced, are loyal and calm. Physically, they are big boned and strong, with deep-toned voices. When Kapha is excessive, they tend toward water excess like water retention, being overweight, or having bronchitis. Mentally, they will find themselves lethargic, too attached, and sentimental.

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