Periodontal Laser Treatment (Gum Disease) in Kerala ( from 12,500 )

Periodontal / Gum disease Laser dental treatment cost in Kerala

Periodontal laser treatment is a laser gum therapy, for the treatment of periodontal disease (also know as periodontitis)using Diode Lasers.It involves the removal of diseased tissue of the gum with the combination of laser and a blast of water to cut down tissues without any heat.


  •  Consultation with Doctor
  •  Dental Examination / Check-up including digital X- rays
  •  Periodontal laser treatment
  •  Gum Health Check
  •  Teeth Cleaning
  •  Teeth Polishing
  •  Oral Hygiene Advice
  •  1 Bottle Prescription Oral Rinse

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Gum Disease also known as Periodontal disease or periodontitis is an infection of the gums and underlying bone which support your teeth.

Laser treatment may sound dreadful to many but in reality laser gum treatment is perfectly safe and painless procedure.It is a more effective method for treating periodontal issues and even reverses some of harmful effects of periodontitis on the teeth and the surrounding bone. It is a simple procedure performed by a dentist who has specific knowledge and skills . They treat the tissue surrounding the tooth or teeth without removing any healthy tissue while on the other hand Flap surgery removes the diseased gum tissue with a scalpel along with some healthy tissues.In flap surgery sutures are placed to close the wound because of which many patients experience postoperative pain.

Periodontal laser treatment has benefits such as less pain,decreased swelling,less gum recession,decreased bleeding and decreased root sensitivity.An added benefit is its ability to seal nerve endings and consume less time than the traditional methods.It is safe for the patients who are suffering from diabetes,HIV,hemophilia etc. During the healing period of the tissues after the laser gum surgery,patients are asked to eat soft diet and maintain oral hygiene.Periodontal treatment cost is generally not more expensive than the traditional surgeries.People suffering from periodontitis can fetch a cheap and cost effective budget periodontal laser therapy done by expert dentists in Kochi, Trivandrum, Calicut, Kerela, Bangalore & Mumbai (in India) and thus can be freed from periodontitis

God’s Own country fulfills the dreams of a peaceful landscape with its traditions and culture. The rays of sun, breeze and monsoon adds to the glorious glow of Kerala. Staying with nature is the best thing one can in Kerala. Bridged in the narrow lane of Western Ghats, mountains and Arabian sea, Kerala is definitely a place to refresh mind and body.

Kerala is well known for holding traditional values and practices,like Ayurveda, the ancient medicinal way being preserved with all its essence. Unlike others Kerala shares an unbroken and an endless bond with Ayurveda and the science behind it.


  •  Less traumatic and less bleeding
  •  Less time required for the procedure
  •  Reduced scarring
  •  Less anaesthetic
  •  Faster healing
  •  No stiches required
  •  More accurate results creating better cosmetic finishing

Inclusions & Exclusions


Free review within 10 days from the treatment


Transportation charges if any Accommodation Medicine required after the treatment if any


  •  price : from 12,500
  • For periodontal laser treatment
  •  No of days : 1

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