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Hip Replacement Surgery

Apollo has the distinction of pioneering the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing procedure. Birmingham Hip Resurfacing has been considered a breakthrough medical technique.

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  • Traditional Total Hip Replacements (THR) invariably have a 'metal on plastic' bearing. These are reasonably successful in an elderly relatively inactive patient but offer unacceptably poor long-term outcomes for young, active patients often with unavoidable multiple revision surgeries and associated complications. It is to avoid this unfortunate sequence of events that Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) was developed.


  • Suitable for Younger Patients
  • Bone not removed
  • Articulation is metal with metal
  • Revision Surgery not required for younger patients

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BHR is primarily intended for use in people who are in need of a hip replacement at a younger age and therefore are likely to be more active. In Birmingham Hip Resurfacing a very small part of bone on the top of the thighbone is resurfaced. A metal head is fixed on the thighbone. It fits into a metal socket placed in the joint.

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