Beauty Ayurveda Treatment in Kerala ( from 4,000 )

Beauty Care Ayurveda Treatment in Kerala

Ayurveda beauty package treatment helps in enhancing the beauty of face along with the whole body. It consists of a combination of AYURVEDA and SPA where the body is relaxed along with the treatment.


  •  Consultation with our ayurveda physician
  •  Abhyangam
  •  Elakizhi or Podikizhi
  •  Medicated steam bath
  •  Virechanam
  •  Head massage
  •  Foot Massage
  •  Facial Massage
  •  Internal medicines.
  •  Udwarthanam (powder massage)
  •  Mukhakanti lepam (herbal face pack)
  •  Vamana if required

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In Ayurveda beauty care Head to toe care and treatment is done for the patient to relieve and rejuvenate the health of the body.This package includes:

1) Abhyangam

The Abhyangam ensures relax and refreshment to body. The Kerala Ayurveda considers Abhyangam as a much valued massage therapy. This massage is indicated daily to prevent ageing and degeneration. This therapy will treat the whole body physically, mentally and emotionally while balancing the doshas. In this process medicated oil is used for massaging.

2) Elakizhi

Ela or ila or patra means leaves; kizhi or pinda means bolus. The treatment involves massaging medicated oil to the entire body of the patient.It is a highly rejuvenating treatment similar to Njavarkizhi, except herbs are used in place of rice. Next, the massage is given with warm boluses and then giving a hot shower to the patient.

3) Medicated steam bath

Medicated steam bath is effective to eliminate the impurities and toxins from the body and it re energise the bosy. herbal leaves are used for team bath and it helps to reduce excess fat.

4) Virechanam

The effective method of cleaning and evacuation of the bowels through the use of purgative medicines. When the digestive tract is clean and toxic-free, it benefits the entire body system

These treatments are cheap and cost effective ayurveda treatment in Kochi, Trivandrum, Calicut, Kerala, Bangalore & Mumbai (in India).

God’s Own country fulfills the dreams of a peaceful landscape with its traditions and culture. The rays of sun, breeze and monsoon adds to the glorious glow of Kerala. Staying with nature is the best thing one can in Kerala. Bridged in the narrow lane of Western Ghats, mountains and Arabian sea, Kerala is definitely a place to refresh mind and body.

Kerala is well known for holding traditional values and practices,like Ayurveda, the ancient medicinal way being preserved with all its essence. Unlike others Kerala shares an unbroken and an endless bond with Ayurveda and the science behind it.


  •  Helps to reduce, acne, pimple, scars and marks depending on its herbal ingredients
  •  Removes dryness
  •  Makes your skin glow
  •  Nourishes the skin
  •  help to prevent premature aging of skin
  •  make your skin look young and healthy

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  •  price : from 4,000
  •  No of days : None

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