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Back Pain Ayurveda Treatment

Back Pain Ayurvedic treatment, Cure Backpain

It is the best Ayurvedic treatments for backpain.It has treatments like Abhyangam(it provides relief from anxiety,fatigue,circulatory disorder), Vasti( best treatment for rheumatic disease),Elakizhi (beneficial for sports injury ,spondylosis etc) and Kativasti(best for curing back pain and blood circulation). The above methods are very helpful in relieving backache and rectifying the causes.

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  • Alleviates numbness due to Sciatic nerve compression
  • Strengthens back muscles
  • Effective for any type of back pain & spinal disorders
  • Free from stiffness and spinal disc problems
  • Increases the blood flow
  • Strengthens the joints


  • Consultation with our ayurveda physician
  • Abhyangam (massage with medicated oil)
  • kashayadhara
  • Elakizhi or Podikizhi
  • Kati Vasti
  • Medicated steam bath
  • Head massage
  • Face massage
  • Foot massage
  • Internal medicines.

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Ayurveda has a efficient and foolproof method for the treatment of chronic back pain. The best Ayurvedic treatments are:


The Abhyangam ensures relax and refreshment to body. The Kerala Ayurveda considers Abhyangam as a much valued massage therapy. This massage is indicated daily to prevent ageing and degeneration. This therapy will treat the whole body physically, mentally and emotionally while balancing the doshas. In this process medicated oil is used for massaging.

2. Kashaya Dhara

Kashaya means medicated decoction and Dhara means pouring. This treatment helps to remove toxins from the tissues and alleviates pain and stiffness.


Ela or ila or patra means leaves; kizhi or pinda means bolus. The treatment involves massaging medicated oil to the entire body of the patient.It is a highly rejuvenating treatment similar to Njavarkizhi, except herbs are used in place of rice. Next, the massage is given with warm boluses and then giving a hot shower to the patient.

4) Kati Vasti

Kati Vasti involves retention of warm thick medicated oil over the lower back or other parts of the spine for certain period. It helps to strengthen the muscles and tendons and prevents further degeneration of disc and is very much helpful in relieving backache and correcting the causes.

5) Internal Medicines

*Ayurvedic line of back pain management is done in an extensive way for the cure and comfort of the patients.

The main procedures are given below:

Therapeutic massage it shows positive response in some cases to relax the muscles.

Medicated Kizhi- This helps to reduce pain and inflammation in the body.

Elakizhi-It helps to strengthen the muscles and tendons and prevents further degeneration of discs and chronic pain.

Kati Vasthi-Helps for the nourishment for disc material and cures cervical spondylitis.

These therapies are cost effective and less expensive ayurveda treatment from trusted ayurveda treatment centers



Price : from 4,000 (Per Day)

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