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Ayurvedic Weight Loss Treatment

7 Day Healthy Weight Loss @ Aayushi Healthcare, Traditional Ayurveda Center

Ayurveda defines very effective treatment for obesity and healthy weight management. Ayurveda defines a number of highly effective massage techniques that reduce the kapha- doshas and helps in tissue tightening and weight reduction. Ayurveda strongly recommends Panchakarma, a bio-cleansing treatment, which removes toxins from all over the body. The main benefit of Ayurvedic weight loss over other treatments is that, Ayurvedic treatments are completely natural and free from side-effects. So Ayurveda helps you lose weight in a healthy way. From the Ayurvedic point of view, the individual constitution of a man is formed by the three Doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Vata represents the principle of motion, Pitta the implementation and Kapha the stability. From the imbalance of the three Dosha forces arise diseases of all kinds. Overweight is considered as a collection of Kapha. Individuals who have pronounced portion of Kapha- Doshas in their constitution are easily receptive to the accumulation of fat and water deposits in their body. The so-called Kapha types (that is, people who are characterized by a particularly pronounced Kapha from birth) naturally have a strong physique, a sluggish metabolism and an increased mucus formation. Their persistent strength and strong immune system are accompanied by the ability to build up tissue with minimum food and save energy for a long time.In today’s modern lifestyle, where people consume a lot of fast food- with excessive fat, sugar and salt content, lack of exercise, stress from work etc, Kapha is easily affected with overweight. Kapha people almost always suffer from mild to severe overweight condition.

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  • Completely Natural
  • Complete detoxification of the body, hence healthy
  • Side-effect Free
  • No heavy exercises
  • No age restrictions


  • Authentic traditional Ayurvedic Clinic
  • Aayushi is located in the heart of the city, making it easily accessible

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For Obesity condition, a typical Ayurvedic treatment procedure starts with-

Consultation with an ayurveda physician. (We at superbeing arranges free consultation over the phone or email with a specialized doctor, provided you have send a detailed description of the disease condition and the concerned medical reports)

The doctor performs thorough diagnosis of your body by analyzing your medical condition, body constitution and the doshas causing the illness. He then prescribes a treatment routine to be followed-

A typical treatment routine includes:

1. No of days required for treatment

2. The therapies to be followed in each stages of treatment

3. Number of total sessions required for each therapy

4. Internal medicines and its timings

5. Diet to be followed during treatment

6. Do’s and Don’ts to be followed before and after each session

Panchakarma defines a number of treatment methods, for the removal of toxins. This involves both internal and external medications and an ideal diet. In addition to the diet , the stimulating massages and manual therapies are very important in order to stimulate the metabolism of the metabolism and to assist in its detoxification and toning work. By an active Agni the organism burns deposited toxins (Ama) from the fat and connective tissue. The fatty tissue is degraded and the body volume decreases.



Price : from 17,000

All treatments and therapies are performed by our associate Aayushi Healthcare, Cochin, Kerala, India. Aayushi holds the responsibility of the treatment effectiveness and other services mentioned above.

After submitting your enquiry, you will be receiving a consultation over the phone, email or chat from an expert from Aayushi. The exact treatment procedure, patient qualification guidelines for the procedure, effectiveness of the procedure, do’s and don’ts before and after treatment, etc are communicated to you by the expert.

Before booking, you will be communicated the terms and conditions of the associate, which you have to agree for proceeding with the confirmation.

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