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Angioplasty for Heart Attack

@ Baby Memorial Hospital, Center of Excellence in Cardiology

Angioplasty is a procedure that doctors perform immediately after a heart attack. Heart attack and stroke are medical emergencies that should be treated as promptly as possible to prevent the death of heart muscle or brain tissue, which can lead to heart failure or brain damage, or even death. A patient who is having a heart attack or stroke has very little time to explore treatment options. Angioplasty and stenting has been effective in treating heart attack and stroke. For patients suffering a heart attack or stroke, the procedure can save lives. It’s an efficient way to get blood flowing to the heart again quickly. The sooner your doctor restores your blood supply, the less damage there will be to your heart muscle. Angioplasty also relieves chest pain and may prevent shortness of breath and other symptoms associated with a heart attack. Angioplasty may also cut the odds that you could need more invasive open-heart bypass surgery, which comes with a significantly longer recovery time.

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  • Immediate recovery from Heart Attack
  • Life saving procedure
  • Immediate relief from symptoms like chest pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, etc
  • Opens up blocked arteries, restores blood flow immediately
  • Minimal damage to the heart muscle caused during attack, as blood flow is restored immediately
  • Reduces the risk of stroke
  • Improve the functioning of kidneys, due to improved blood flow
  • It is important that Angioplasty is to be done in a multi specialty hospital like BMH. With nine separate Centers of Excellence in Cardiac Sciences, Neurosciences, Orthopedics, spine & Sports Injuries, Renal Care, Oncology, Women care, Child care and Liver & Gastro Sciences, there is support readily available in case of any complication


  • BMH is a 800 bed Multi-specialty hospital with over 40 medical and surgical departments
  • 16 world-class operation theatres
  • NABH Accredited
  • 500 slice equivalent multi detector Cardiac CT
  • Revolution EVo 128 slice Clarity detector Cardiac CT with ASiR-V Technology
  • 1.5 TESLA High Definition MRI
  • Radionuclide Cardiac Imaging
  • 3D & 4D Echocardiography and Trans-Oesophageal Echocardiography
  • Round the Clock Primary Angioplasty for Acute MI (Heart attack)
  • Elective Angiogram and Angioplasty
  • Three full fledged Cardiac OT suites
  • Advanced Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit with High Dependency

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Doctors usually perform this procedure while people are under local anesthesia. First, they’ll make an incision in your arm or groin. They’ll insert a catheter with a tiny inflatable balloon on the end into your artery. Using X-ray, video, and special dyes, your doctor guides the catheter up into the blocked coronary artery. Once it’s in position, the balloon is inflated to widen the artery. The fatty deposits, or plaque, get pushed against the wall of the artery. This clears the way for blood flow.

In some cases, the catheter is also equipped with a stainless steel mesh called a stent. The stent is used to hold the blood vessel open and can remain in place after the balloon is deflated and removed. Once the balloon is out, your doctor can also remove the catheter. The procedure may take half an hour to several hours.



All treatments and therapies are performed by our associate Baby Memorial Hospital, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. BMH holds the responsibility of the treatment effectiveness and other services mentioned above.

After submitting your enquiry, you will be receiving a consultation over the phone, email or chat from an expert from BMH. The exact treatment procedure, patient qualification guidelines for the surgery, effectiveness of the surgery, do’s and don’ts before and after treatment, etc are communicated to you by the expert.

Before booking, you will be communicated the terms and conditions of the associate, which you have to agree for proceeding with the confirmation.

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