Sreedevi Ayurveda Hospital

Thrichambaram, Thaliparamba, Kannur.
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Specialized treatments offered at Sreedevi Ayurveda Hospital

Alopecia Areata | Headache | Hair Loss | Early Baldness | Dandruff | Thinning Of Hair | Premature Greying | Split Hair | Vomiting | Asthma | Eye Sight Improvement | Eye Infections | Conjunctivitis | Falling Of Eye Lashes | Short Sight | Pain In The Eye | Dry Eye Syndrome | Itching In Eyes | Eye Strain | Long Sight | Numbness On Head | Epilepsy | Full Body Rejuvenation | Burning Sensation On Head | Rejuvenation Therapy | Rejuvenation Package For It Professionals | Sinusitis | Migraine |

Other treatments offered at Sreedevi Ayurveda Hospital

Detoxification | Body Recondition | Improves Blood Flow | Strengthing Whole Body | Body Nourishment | Calmness In The Eye | Body Purification Therapy | Improves Digestion | Improves Metabolism | Clean Sense Organs |
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Certifications, Awards & Achievements

Vanamitra Award

Vanamitra Award is issued by State Forest Department for preserving biodiversity

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Facilities provided

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About Sreedevi Ayurveda Hospital

Sreedevi Ayurveda Hospital upholds a rich 5 generation old hereditary Ayurvedic tradition in the manufacturing of medicines and single drug therapy treatments and general ayurvedic healing.

How to reach

Land Mark

No landmark available

Local buses are available all the time from 7 am to 8pm

Nearest railway station is Cannanore Railway Station. About 22 kms (40 mins via road) from the facility

For people reaching by air, there are 2 options- 1. Calicut international airport or Karipur airport- about 135 kms (3hrs 45 mins journey by road), 2- Mangalore International Airport- about 141 km(3 hrs 25 mins by road).

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