PVA Ayurvedic Hospital

PVA Ayurvedic Hospital, Kattampally, Kannur, Kerala, India.
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Specialized treatments offered at PVA Ayurvedic Hospital

Lower Back Pain | Prolapsed Disc | Disc Degeneration | Sciatica | Slipped Disc | Muscular Tension | Muscular Spasm | Intervertebral Disc Prolapse Ivdp | Muscle Cramps | Muscular Atrophy | Emaciation Of Muscles & Limbs | Muscular Fatigue | Strain Of Muscles | Sprain Of Muscles | Diseases Of Muscles | Insomnia | Premature Greying | Full Body Rejuvenation | Rejuvenation Therapy | Sexual Weakness | Sexual Debility | Insufficient Sperm Count | Impotency | Herniated Disc |

Other treatments offered at PVA Ayurvedic Hospital

Psoriasis | Wrinkles | Dry Skin | Skin Allergy | Skin Rashes | Skin Infections | Muscular Fatigue | Strain Of Muscles | Stress | Strain | Hair Loss | Thinning Of Hair | Premature Greying | Split Hair | Eye Strain | Stress Management | Fatigue | Skin Texture | Body Nourishment | Calmness In The Eye | Skin Beautification | Skin Complexion | Improves Skin Tone | Beauty Therapy | Reduce Stress | Relieves Strain | Clean Sense Organs | Skin Diseases |
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About PVA Ayurvedic Hospital

P.V.A Ayurvedic Multy Specialty Nursing Home started in the year 1994 at Kannur, North Malabar, and Kerala, India. Kerala is a land of fascinating culture, heritage & beauty, secluded beaches palm fringed back water mist clad hill stations lush tropical forests, waterfalls, exotic wild life, monuments, mangroves, paddy fields handlooms and more over Ayurveda. Ayurveda is practicing all over the world, but it is preserved and practiced in its true form and spirit only in Kerala especially in North Malabar. Quite proudly we can say that our nursing home has grown up into a fully fledged hospital equipped with all the necessary facilities to provide treatment in all eight branches of Ayurveda. All the treatment procedures such as Elakizhi, Navarakizhi, Vasti, Nasya, Rakthamoksha etc are conducted by a team of experienced and professionally qualified doctors and paramedical staffs. Thousands of patients are treated successfully ever year by using our high quality herbal medicines. These herbal medicines are mostly organic and home grown and processed in our state of art facilities. We prepare medicines only for our patients and it will not be available in the commercial market. We have very good medical garden at our hospital premises. Dr. Abdulrahman is having practice experience of more than 28 years and is pursuing a notable career in the field of Ayurveda. He hails from an Ayurveda family of more than 160 years old. He did BAMS from Kottakkal Ayurveda College a world-renowned institution in Ayurveda.

How to reach

Land Mark

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Local buses are available all the time from 7 am to 8pm

Nearest railway station is Cannanore Railway Station. About 10 kms from the facility

For people reaching by air, there are 2 options- 1. Calicut international airport or Karipur airport- about 124 kms (3hrs 45 mins journey by road), 2- Mangalore International Airport- about 157 km(3 hrs 50 mins by road).

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