Poomully Mana

Poomully Mana Peringode (PO), Via. Koottanadu.
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Specialized treatments offered at Poomully Mana

Psoriasis | Lower Back Pain | Arthritis | Spondylitis | Paralysis | Slipped Disc | Sports Injuries | Type 2 Diabetes | Obesity | Depression | Liver Dysfunction | Parkinson'S Disease | Epilepsy | Stress Management | Migraine | Breast Cancer | Uterus Cancer | Skin Diseases | Ent Problems |

Other treatments offered at Poomully Mana

Dry Skin | Skin Allergy | Skin Rashes | Skin Infections | Rheumatoid Arthritis | Psoriatic Arthritis | Septic Arthritis | Partial Paralysis | Total Paralysis | Neck Stiffness | Type 1 Diabetes | Stress | Headache | Gastritis | Liver Cirrhosis | Liver Congestion | Bronchitis | Nerve Disorders | Stress Management | Fat Reduction | Youthfulness | Slimming | Reduce Stress | Anti- Ageing | Improves Immunity | Facial Paralysis |
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1 Heritage Rooms Rooms are beautifully furnished and spacious with attached bathroom and toilets.Some other classical features of Heritage rooms are : Antique design wooden furnitures. Large windows for better air circulation. Classical paintings & fixtures. None None

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About Poomully Mana

Poomully Mana,a Namboodiri family home having a history of more than 500 years is situated in Palakkad district .Poomully Mana was blessed with its family members who were famous as practitioners and experts in Ayurveda, Rig-veda, Yoga, Kalari (martial-art)Music & other cultural arts. The buildings and structures are in traditional Kerala style architecture. Poomully Narayanan Namboodirippad, who was the father of Poomully Aramthampuran took the intiative to reconstruct it. The Poomully family also encouraged research in ayurveda. The Poomully Mana's library has a huge collection of ancient manuscripts and books on ayurveda.Poomully Mana follows the "Poomully Way" of ayurvedic treatments, designed by Aramthampuran with reference to classical ayurveda texts. With the expertise and knowledge of Poomully Aramthampuran and the other members in ayurveda, Poomully Mana became renowned as the "Mana for Ayurveda".

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Nearest railway stations are at Pattambi(10.9KM) & Shoranur(24.3KM)

Nearest airport is Calicut International Airport(71.4KM)

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