Nandavanam Ayurvedic Hospital

Nandavanam Ayurvedic Hospital Palat Road, Ottapalam.
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Specialized treatments offered at Nandavanam Ayurvedic Hospital

Cervical Spondylosis | Lumbar Spondylosis | Type 2 Diabetes | Obesity | Type 1 Diabetes | Hypercholestraemia | Insomnia | Stress Management | Slimming | Rejuvenation Package For It Professionals | Corporate Wellness Treatment | Hypertension | Menstrual Diseases | Lifestyle Disease Management |

Other treatments offered at Nandavanam Ayurvedic Hospital

Skin Allergy | Systemic Lupus Erythematoses | Osteoarthritis | Rheumatoid Arthritis | Joint Pain | Muscular Spasm | Joint Dislocations | Gout | Diseases Of Joints | Diseases Of Muscles | Mental Retardation | Mental Disturbance | Peptic Ulcers | Ascities | Liver Dysfunction | Parkinson'S Disease | Bell'S Palsy | Multiple Sclerosis | Motor Neuron Disease | Relieves Body Pain | Sinusitis | Migraine | Respiratory Diseases | Facial Paralysis | Stroke | Lubricates Joints | Varicose Vein | Joint Degeneration |
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About Nandavanam Ayurvedic Hospital

Nandavanam is an Ayurvedic treatment centre that provides authentic Ayurvedic treatment with the classic touch and yet with the most modern outlook and facilities. Nandavanam is specialized in preparing indigenous medicines according to each patient’s individual medical condition. Medicines are prepared from hand picked herbs grown in their own garden or locally sourced, the medicines ensure organic authenticity and provide complete relief from chronic ailments.

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Nearest railway station is at Shoranur(15.4Km)

Nearest airport is Caicut International Airport(77Km)

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