Ayur Hermitage

Ayur Hermitage Sivadha Ayurvedic Centre Beach Road, Kovalam Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala,India.
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Specialized treatments offered at Ayur Hermitage

Psoriasis | Dry Skin | Skin Infections | Pimples | Arthritis | Neck Ache | Neck Stiffness | Excess Weight | Stress | Hair Loss | Stress Management | Detoxification | Full Body Rejuvenation | Fat Reduction | Relaxation | Skin Texture | Reducing Body Weight | Rejuvenating Therapy | Skin Beautification | Weight Management | Skin Complexion | Slimming | Beauty Therapy | Postnatal Care | Skin Diseases | Neck Ridigity | Spine Diseases | Spine Care |

Other treatments offered at Ayur Hermitage

Lower Back Pain | Osteoarthritis | Rheumatoid Arthritis | Spondylitis | Joint Pain | Rheumatism | Hemiplegia | Muscular Tension | Stiffness | Intervertebral Disc Prolapse Ivdp | Muscle Cramps | Muscular Atrophy | Joint Dislocations | Strain Of Muscles | Sprain Of Muscles | Sports Injuries | Neck Stiffness | Diseases Of Joints | Obesity | High Blood Pressure | Tension | Insomnia | Headache | Viral Infections Of The Respiratory Tract | Recurrent Respiratory Infections | Eye Infections | Refractive Error | Pain In The Eye | Dry Eye Syndrome | Itching In Eyes | Eye Strain | Numbness On Head | Nerve Weakness | Nerve Irritation | Nerve Disorders | Fatigue | Skin Texture | Skin Beautification | Skin Complexion | Anti- Ageing | Sinusitis | Dryness Of Nostrils | Ear Infection | Sexual Weakness | Respiratory Diseases | Strengthen Gums | Strengthen Teeth | Facial Paralysis | Neck Ridigity | Joint Degeneration |
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About Ayur Hermitage

Ayur Hermitage, a full-fledged centre for Ayurveda in the vicinity of Kovalam beach, promises to bring you all the boons and benefits of Ayurveda, the unique healthcare wisdom. Away from the bustling city, Ayur hermitage makes your treatment course a unique experience. The specialty ad advantage of Ayur hermitage is that it is an exclusive ayurvedic health care centre, focusing on your individual health requirements.We have a team of trained Ayurvedic physicians and personnel. To ensure 100% cure, we take medicines from traditional ayurvedic families who have been specializing in the preparation of ayurvedic medicines for decades. We have a special package for those who are on a flying visit to the city. Get a firsthand experience of Ayurveda within the span of just 3-4 hours.

How to reach

Land Mark

Little Paradise Homestay

Reach Kovalam junction via Bus

Trivandrum Central Railway Station (TVC)

Trivandrum International Airport

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