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About Aakruti

Aakruti is a slimming and Physiotherapy centre which has set its mark in bringing out revolutionary changes in obesity and lifestyle management in Kerala. Aakruti has five years experience in the field of weight loss clinic. Aakruti implies getting you back into "shape" which in turn improves your health and wellness. It is not a gym, saloon or an Ayurvedic centre or spa, but a clinic backed by a doctor and highly trained therapists who work together to bring out the desired slimming and wellness to your body. We concentrate on weight loss management and modifies you lifestyle, so even after completion of your weight loss program you remain healthy and maintain the shape once achieved. We don't use internal medicines, injections, surgeries, crash dieting or strenuous exercises and there is absolutely no side effects .At Aakruti you unwind, lie down, relax and see you calories melting away.

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Lena Kumar

Actress https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lena_(actress)

Treated for: Weight Management

I had the surprise of my life when called to walk the ramp at Kochi Fashion Week in September 2014. Though others told me that i look great on the ramp, inside of me i felt, i could have looked much better. The reason was that, i had deliberately got myself a bit rounded, to look the part for the roles i was doing right then. The Fashion show landed me an offer of a "makeover photoshoot" with FWD magazine in February 2015. I was determined to really present a "made over me" for the shoot. That was when I met my school mate Louisa, who ran a slimming clinic using physiotherapy. I leave the result for you to see and judge yourselves. No wonder that i soon teamed up with Louisa, Vrinda and Lijesh to form Askruti.

Ansiba Hassan

Actress https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ansiba_Hassan

Treated for: Slimming

You can't get better than here. Can be satisfied with the service. I lost 4 inches. I am really happy with Aakruti

Louisa David

Doctor, Founder at Aakruti. (PT) MPT & MIAP

Treated for: Slimming

Lijesh and I are Qualified Physiotherapists behind Aakruti. I have a personal experience to narrate. When my second son was born in 2012, I suddenly put on so much weight that it scared me. This was also the time that i started my first physiotherapy clinic at Thrissur. So i tried out the slimming treatment on myself. The results were dramatic. You can see for yourself in the photo here. Let me tell you another secret. I will never be as slim as, say, my dear friend Lena. You can see why from our school photo. We all have our natural shapes (based on our DNA). The idea is to be in your best shape, bot somebody else's. Happy slimming!

Vrinda Vipin

Partner- Aakruti

Treated for: Excess Weight

I have always been a 'Thin' girl until I got married and moved to Dubai in 2007. Soon i ended up with an 8 to 6 job and had to travel almost 2 hours to reach my office from where i stayed in Sharjah. I had very little or no time to cook and started living on shawarmas and junk food. My wake-up call came when i saw my weight shot up to 85 kg. I went to a doctor with my weight concerns and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My weight gain was due not only to the thyroid disorder but also to heaping portions of processed foods and my lifestyle. I tried all possible diets, joined a gym, worked out at home to lose weight. It was a very difficult journey. Staying motivated without any quick result is the most demotivating factor. I came to know about Louisa's slimming techniques during one of my vacations in Kerala. How i wished i had met Louisa during my weight loss journey. Convinced with the slimming techniques, i have joined hands with Lena and Louisa as a partner of Aakruti to help people like me lose weight the easy way.
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- Treated for Weight,loss, on July, 2016
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Good experience

It was a great experience at Akruti.Very caring staff and the session was highly effective.i will definitely suggest Akruti for my friends and family.

Treatment Effectiveness
Service Quality
Value for Money

Dr.Shahala Ani 

- Treated for on July, 2016
Total Score:

It really works !!!

Came to know Aakruti through a friend. The place really impressed me. Being an Ayurvedic doctor myself I was highly convinced with the treatment procedures. There was no side-effects and most importantly I didn't have to crash my diet. I am fully satisfied and I ll strongly recommend Aakruti to my friends and family.

Treatment Effectiveness
Service Quality
Value for Money
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