Prevent and Cure Varicose Vein Naturally

Modern Heath care industry has discovered various treatment methods to get rid of Varicose Veins which includes both surgical method and non-surgical methods. Conventional open surgery involves huge risk of side effects such as swelling, permanent appearance of scars, long lasting pain, nerves injuries, permanent patches, and etc. Generally, surgical method to remove Varicose Veins are quite expensive and sometimes beyond the reach of common people.

In contrast to modern surgical methods, non-surgical methods such as the hands on therapy like Ayurveda could be very fruitful to prevent and cure varicose vein disorder in a painless, safe, efficient and cost effective way.

Ayurvedic Herbs, exercise, essential oils and a proper and healthy diet would cure your disarray in no time.

List of Ayurvedic medicines useful for curing Varicose veins-

  • Kaishora guggulu – It acts as a natural blood cleanser
  • Sarivadyasava – Used for treatment of diabetes and related skin disorders
  • Chirabilvadi Kashaya - It improves digestion power of an individual
  • Rasnerandai Kashaya – It provides relief in joint disorders
  • Guduchyadi Kashaya- Very beneficial to cure skin infections
  • Mahamanjishtadi Kashaya - Used in the treatment of skin diseases
  • Phalatrikadi Kashaya -
  • Punarnavashtaka kwatha - used in the treatment of inflammatory conditions like myxedema, ascites


Intake of fibre rich foods help to improve varicose veins. Fibre prevents the build-up of toxins in the blood. Food such as red beets, spinach, beans, carrots, whole grains are highly advised for the affected patients

Daily dosage of vitamin C, E and Flavanoids are vital for the treatment of varicose veins disorder. Free radicals cause damage to veins. Therefore, food that are rich in Flavanoids such as onions, grapes, spinach, cherries, blueberries, dark chocolate should be consumed more.

Massage Therapy:-

Massage with rosemary oil has been proven to be very effective way to cure varicose veins. Mixture of carrier oil and rosemary oils can be applied to the affected legs to improve varicose veins. Other oils such as cypress, lemon, neroli, lavender, chamomiles are quite good to cure this medical disorder. Even applying vitamin E oil and Apple cider vinegar to the affected area can help to heal varicose veins.

Ayurvedic therapies like Panchkarma, hot oil message, Pizhichil and oil pulling detox includes all the aforesaid oils and herbs which can cure varicose vein, like never before.

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