Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda, offers unmatched holistic as well as effective treatment solutions to ease the symptoms of Uterine Fibroids. Ayurvedic treatments are completely safe, effective and meet the standard of various global health guidelines.

Ayurvedic Therapy Sessions-

  • Pranayama – It helps to keep optimum mental balance. Women will be better equipped to handle mood swings and stress by daily practising various pranayama techniques.
  • Oil Massage - Regular oil massage with Maha Narayana taila or Ksheerabala taila is highly recommended.
  • Langhana Processes -It produces lightness in the body is called as Langhana. Drugs which are Light (laghu), Hot (Ushna), Pungent (Tikshna), Clear (Vishada), Dry (Ruksha) , Subtle (Sukshma), Rough (Khara), Spreading (Sara) and Hard (Katina) can produce Langhana effect in the body. Langhana by purification procedures include - Shodhana and Shamana. It helps in reducing the body fluid volume and increases the density of body tissue.

A Rejuvenating Regime

A rejuvenating regime of medications and therapies is followed to restore back the lost dynamism as well as it is aimed to help the patients to bounce back in their own regular routine. The rejuvenating regime helps the body to reverse the degenerative damage caused by the viral infection. The complete restoration of normal health is done by using the traditional principles of Ayurveda.


Panckarma is Ayurveda’s fundamental purification and detoxification treatment which is a combined set of five natural therapeutic procedures.

Panckarma eliminates harmful toxins from our digestive system, lungs and blood vessels. It strengthens our body muscles by making it better toned. It also increases our appetite, sleep quality, sex-desire, concentration and memory.


Pizichil is a traditional Ayurvedic therapy and it is also regarded as the ‘King of all therapies”. A warm medicated oil is squeezed onto the patient’s body for about 60 -90 minutes of time. Pizichil sessions can help to cure psychological problems like anxieties, stress and other mental traumas.


Navarakizhi or the nourishing therapy offers comprehensive solutions for a myriad of modern day diseases. Under this treatment, the body is forced to perspire in natural ways to eliminate toxins and to maintain the optimum balance.

List of Natural Ayurvedic Medicines

  • Ashwagandharishta –Used for treating anxiety, stress and frequent mood swings.
  • Jeerakarishta, Balarishta- Strengthens the immune system
  • Chandraprabha vati, Gokshuradi guggulu, Trin Panchmool Kwath - Medicines used to treat vaginal dryness, frequent urination and urinary tract infections.
  • Kamdudha Ras, Praval Pishti – It is beneficial for patients having complaints of hot flashes.
  • Shatavari Rasayana –used in the treatment of gynaecological disorders, urinary tract disarray’s and liver complications.
  • Sukumara ghrita – used for lower abdominal pain in women, hemorrhoids, menstrual pain, inflammation and constipation.