Ayurvedic Treatment

Samvahana – Gentle stroking with application of herbal oils.

Mardana – A relaxation session where tapping is done with palm while applying medicated oils.

Avagaha (Tub bath or Sitz bath) – A bathing tub is filled with warm oils, ghee, herbal decoctions and medicated milk to give a message session to the patient.

Dhara or Seka (Pizhichil) –Under this treatment, herbal oils and processed milk is poured in warm streams along with gentle stroking for a fixed time duration.

Shirolepa - Shiro means head and lepa means external application of paste. Shirolepa therapy includes application of beneficial natural herbs paste in an individual’s scalp. On the day of session, medicated oil is applied both over the body and head. It is followed by the application of paste in the scalp region. Then, the patient’s head is covered and tied with certain medicinal leaves to allow infiltration of the herbs’ properties in an individual’s scalp.

List of Natural Ayurvedic Herbs useful in curing Sleep Apnea

  • Valerian Root
  • Kampo Extract
  • Vervain (Verbena officinalis)
  • Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata)
  • Chamomile flower(Matricaria Recutia)