Ayurvedic Treatment

Cold Water Fomentation Therapy

The cold water fomentation of the eyes provides almost immediate relief from the irritable itching effect. The procedure is practised by folding a small hand towel, saturate it with cold water, squeeze out excess water and place the towel gently over both the eyes. It is covered with a piece of warm cloth to retain the temperature. The process is repeated as soon as the foment becomes warm. After completing the fomenting session, the eyes should be then covered with a dry towel, and the patient is asked to lie back and relax.

Vamana (vomiting therapy)-

It is a controlled vomiting therapy which is pre planned and induced for a definite time. It thus expels harmful toxins out of your body.Vitiated and unwanted toxins is expelled out of the body, which fastens the healing of the disease. The digestion and metabolism gets enhanced.The individual gains strength, nourishment and immunity. The Vanama therapy also improves your virility and sexual power.

Natural Herbs useful to cure Ringworm

  • Bakuchi
  • Tuvaraka
  • Jati
  • Nimba
  • Patola
  • Dhattura
  • Karaveera
  • Daruharidra
  • Haridra
  • Karanja
  • Mriddarashringa
  • Gandhaka
  • Haratala
  • Tuttha

List of Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines used in the treatment of Ringworm

  • Gandhaka rasayana
  • Arogyavardhini vati
  • Aragwadhadi kashaya
  • Haridra Khand
  • Rasamanikya
  • Mahatiktaka kashaya
  • Panchatiktaka guggulu
  • Guggulu tiktaka kashaya
  • Hajrul Yahood Bhasma
  • Jatyadi oil
  • Dhurdhurapatradi Thailam
  • Nalpamaradi taila
  • Gandhakadya malahara
  • Rasottamadi lepa
  • Jasadamrita malahara
  • Sindooradi malahara