Ayurvedic Treatment

Although various modern day treatment options are available but, still Ayurveda tops the list as the most augmented natural therapeutics which helps to eliminate the root causes of Parkinson's Disease in no time.

Ayurveda follows a more holistic approach to prevent and cure Parkinson's Disease. According to Ayurvedic principles, the main reason behind our myriad of physical disorders is our own disturbed or toxified body. So, at first Ayurveda helps to foster the inner health of the body which then automatically cures the various disorders without any adverse side-effects.

Abhyangam :- Abhyangam is a healing body massage that solely aims to refresh both your physical and mental health. It consists of further two sub therapy sessions. The massage sessions are also very much effective to control the ageing process and is widely used in natural anti-ageing programs. Abhyangam is ideally recommended for 14 days.

Pizichil is a traditional Ayurvedic therapy and it is also regarded as the ‘King of all therapies”. A warm medicated oil is squeezed onto the patient’s body for about 60 -90 minutes of time. Pizichil sessions can help to cure psychological problems like anxieties, stress and other mental traumas.

Navarakizhi or the nourishing therapy offers comprehensive solutions for a myriad of modern day diseases. Under this treatment, the body is forced to perspire in natural ways to eliminate toxins and to maintain the optimum balance.

Shirodhara - In this therapy, medicated oil, butter milk and herbal extracts are allowed to flow as a continuous stream, just over the upper forehead . Along with this continuous stream, a gentle palm massage is done on the forehead by an experienced staff.

Shirobasti - Medicated lukewarm oil is allowed to retain over the head for about an hour within a leather cap fitted around the head. This treatment is very effective in facial paralysis, cataract, deafness, dandruff, scalp disorders, chronic headache, insomnia, psychosomatic stress and other diseases. It fosters the nervous system and promotes mental concentration.