Get Rid of Keloid Naturally

Modern day surgical procedures can remove keloid out of our body for once but, it does not remove the body’s tendency to form abnormal scars and keloids. In fact, many cases have been witnessed that patient undergone through surgical incisions were afflicted with concurrent keloids.

Ayurveda is a natural medical system which focuses on the overall health of an individual rather on aiming the disorder. It fosters the inner health by boosting the immunity as well as eliminating the accumulated body toxins without any undesirable side- effects. Ayurveda well addresses the body inability to form natural scar and helps to restore back the skin in no time

Natural Ayurvedic Medicines –

  • Agnijith – Keloid removal herbal cream. Agnijith cream is having high anti-microbial properties and increases the body ‘s blood circulation .

    Application techniques

    • A thick layer of cream is applied on the keloid scar and it is then left for 2-3 hours
    • In some cases, it is advised to apply after 2 hours
    • The keloid scar is then recommended to wash with anti-bacterial Ayurvedic soap

    In case of open wounds, the cream should be applied more frequently (Ideally, in every 2 hours). Post cream application it should be washed by sterilized cotton.

  • Sroto Shodhan - It is aimed at removing the blockage from body channels. It clears the way for regular flow of blood and improve its circulation in the chest region.
  • External Applications – Lavender oil massage along with Honey is extremely beneficial for patients afflicted by keloidal scars. Lavender oil has excellent cell rejuvenating properties and honey helps in moisturising and refurbishing the affected skin-area.