Treatment Modules include –

  • Vanama – It is a controlled vomiting therapy which is pre planned and induced for a definite time. It thus expels harmful toxins out of your body. Vitiated and unwanted toxins is expelled out of the body, which fastens the healing of the disease. The digestion and metabolism gets enhanced.The individual gains strength, nourishment and immunity. The Vanama therapy also improves your virility and sexual power.
  • Basti – Basti therapy involves the introduction of herbal decoctions and medicated oils into the rectum. It relieves constipation, digestive problems, chronic fever and sexual disorders
  • Udwarthana – It is a theurapeutic deep tissue massage which is done by using some natural herbal powders. The mixture of the powders is rubbed against the patient’s body in an up stroking fashion. It is then followed by a shower with warm water.
  • Shiro dhara -In this therapy, medicated oil, butter milk and herbal extracts are allowed to flow as a continuous stream, just over the upper forehead. Along with this continuous stream, a gentle palm massage is done on the forehead by an experienced staff.
  • Kashaya Seka – It is done post to abhyangam massage session. It is much similar to Shirodhara session. In this treatment module, a stream of warm herbal water is allowed to stay on an individual’s body for approximately 30 minutes.

Diet and Lifestyle Guidance

  • Intake of water preferably warm water and easily digestible food
  • Intake of fresh vegetables and iodine rich foods such as fish, shell fish, white onions.
  • Timely regular wholesome meals in a conducible non disturbing atmosphere.
  • Yoga asana – Sarvangasna (shoulder stand), Surya Namskara, Pavamuktasana, Suptavajrasana
  • Pranayama - Ujjayi,Deep breathing techniques