Ayurvedic Line of Treatment

The disease is severe for 10 t0 15 days. In this period, proper treatment is administered to the patient. It is quintessential to maintain the optimum balance of salts in the body and a liquid diet is recommended

Natural Ayurvedic Medicines include :- Rasmanikya, tal sindoor, kayakalp vati, kaishore guggul, arogya vardhini, praval pishti. In case of mouth ulcers, Suhaga is applied with honey. Also, dusting powder is advised to be sprinkled on the infected area.

  • Nishadi Jal – A mixture perfectly blended with Turmeric ,Darvi , Loghra Yashad pushpa and Gulabjal . It is administered to protect eyes from the virus infection.
  • It is beneficial to have Dwipanchamooladi quath of yoga ratnakar (dashmool, rasna, daru haldi, ushir, dhamasa, dhaniya, giloy, nagarmotha).Two to four doses of Gudachyadi quath (giloy, padmakashtha, neem chaal, red sandal, coriander) along with one to two doses of pittashamal tikta ghruta or triphaladi churna with unequal parts of ghee and honey is advised to take thrice a day. As soon as the shingles erupt in the armpit, a copper coin is tied or dashang lep mixture is applied to subside the shingles. Sandal and camphor are applied in order to reduce the burning sensation. Decoctions of oondha hooli and Shahtoot leaves is applied over the affected areas to alleviate the infection in no time.


  • Grains – old barley, wheat, shali rice, kidney beans, lentil, arhar, gram soup
  • Vegetables – bitter gourd, sespedula, gourd
  • Fruits – pomegranate, grapes, avala Milk-cow milk, fresh ghee, butter. Dry fruits – raisins, fig Eat juicy items or blood purifying items.