• Drop your chemicalised shampoos and try out shampoos and conditioners made up of organic materials
  • Make oil your friend – Hair oil enriched with almonds is very good to curb your hair fall problem. While Mustard oil and coconut oil increases the volume of your hair and also helps in growth of new hair. If you can’t apply these oils because of the odd smell and fragrance, then Jasmine oil would fulfil the need.
  • Have a healthy diet – Cut down alcohol, red wine and other junk foods. Instead try to have more fruits and green vegetables. Eat fruits containing vitamin C and also have green vegetables like spinach, cauliflower and cabbage.
  • Cut down your intake of spicy and junk food items.
  • Decrease your stress level- Stress also causes hair fall. So, decrease your stress level by doing exercises, yoga and meditation.


  • Don’t ever comb your wet hairs with the comb
  • Don’t overuse styling products like hair gel
  • Avoid exposure to prolonged heat and sunlight