Want to Get Healed Without a Surgery- Think Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda, can heal and prevent medical disorders in natural ways without zero side-effects. Unlike, modern day treatment procedures it is not so expensive also. Ayurveda offers comprehensive treatment solutions at an economical cost which is very much within the reach of common people. Ayurvedic gallstone treatment includes detoxification, herbal medications and diet modifications.

  • Liver Cleanse Therapy - Olive oil, lemon juice and spices. Citrus fruits, vitamin C, turmeric and ginger are heavily included in the diet which can help in reducing the cholesterol in the gallbladder to prevent its further build-up.
  • Castor Oil Pack – Castor oil pack is applied over the gallbladder area to alleviate the pain and inflammation, and also to the improve blood circulation. It further fosters the damaged tissues.

Specific Yoga Asanas

  • Vajrasana
  • The Knee to Chest (Pawanmuktasan)
  • The Lotus (Padma Asana)