Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda is a 5000 year old medicine system which was invented in India. It focuses on overall wellbeing rather than just resolving the disorder issues. Ayurveda helps to rejuvenate your body by maintaining the right amount of essential nutrients required by the body.

Ayurvedic treatment procedures have various advantages as compared to modern treatments techniques, which are as follows –

  • Ayurvedic treatments are very economical and less expensive
  • Zero adverse side-effects
  • Can completely heal the disease

Panchkarma Retreat Session

Panckarma is Ayurveda’s fundamental purification and detoxification treatment which is a combined set of five natural therapeutic procedures. Panckarma Session helps to eliminates harmful toxins from our digestive system, lungs and blood vessels. It strengthens our body muscles by making it better toned. It also increases our appetite, sleep quality, sex-desire, concentration and memory. The program is highly intended for people with constant work –life stress, addicts of tobacco, alcohol and drugs, those who are suffering from chronic diseases like- arthritis, digestive problems, obesity, insomnia, or just for those who just wants to purify both their body and soul to get refreshed.

Inside a Panckarma Clinic Center

It is advised to hibernate all your electronic gadgets including your favorite iPhone, before you step into the center. It is done to detoxify you from a myriad of worries and thoughts. Actually, it reduces your stress level as well as helps you to remain calm and peaceful in no time.

These Panckarma clinics are mostly positioned at scenic landscapes of Mother Nature. You could drench yourself in the waters of a lagoon or would walk through the less trodden forest and also explore the vast wildlife to relax both your mind and body, like never before.

The Traditional Panckarma Treatment Sessions

Natural herbs stand as the fundamental ingredients in these sessions. Also, these procedures being completely natural are totally safe in practice. The treatment sessions are well supervised by much- qualified ayurvedic doctors and trained professionals.