Endometriosis is an acute pain syndrome which is witnessed among females, especially of reproductive age. Globally almost 7-9% of females are afflicted by endometritis and out these nearly 30% of them suffers from various infertility issues.

Endometrium is a layer of cells that lines the cavity of the uterus. The layer undergoes cyclical changes every month and the layer sheds off from the body during normal periods. But in some cases, few cells of the endometrium get implanted in organs outside the uterus due to various causes. This is called Endometriosis.

Endometriosis can be categorized into 4 stages –

  • Stage I- Minimal disease conditions without or very few adhesions
  • Stage II- Mild occurrence with deep lesions
  • Stage III- Moderate condition with presence of endometriomas and adhesions
  • Stage IV- Severe form with large endometriomas and extensive adhesions