Natural Ayurvedic remedies to vanquish Diabetes

India is slowly turning into the World Diabetes Capital. There is an alarming rate of increase in the cases of diabetic ailments due to changes in modern lifestyle and fooding habits which are silently deteriorating the overall health of a person, reducing his life span.

Ayurveda can play an important role in curbing this life threatening disease in entire natural techniques. Just by opting for a 2 week’s treatment course you could drastically lower down your blood sugar level to rated normal limit.

Here’s the details –

  • Panckara Sessions - Panchkarma treatment is initialized to revamp both your physical and mental health.
  • Diet – Proper healthy food is used as the principle medicine to cure unbalanced doshas. Diet meals are planned according to the dosha( Body) type –
    • Vatta- Hot, sour and salty meals are ideal for them
    • Pitta- Cool and bitter meals are recommended for these people
    • Kapha – Dry, light and bitter food meals are very healthy for them.
  • Yoga – Ayurvedic doctors recommend yoga for good health and longevity.
  • Medicinal herbs- Natural herbs like cinnamon, Pterocarpus Marsuplum, Fenugreek and Blueberries are both given orally as well as extensively used in various treatment sessions to combat diabetes in no time.

Ayurvedic therapy can relieve all your symptoms of excessive thirst, urination, weight loss, muscle weakness and skin infection. Timely treatment can help you to lead a comfortable and productive life.