Treatment for Deafness as per Ayurveda: -

Vata is the controlling Dosha of the ears, and hearling loss is caused due to Vata imbalance,so special measures for Vata pacificiation is needed.

  • Ghrita Pana – Administration of cow ghee, in a dose of 1 – 2 teaspoon per day, pacifies Vata and improves the strength of the ear nerves.
  • Rasayana – Anti aging therapies done with natural herbs like– Amalaki (Gooseberry), Paribhadra (Erythrina varigata), Bala (Sida cordifolia)
  • Snehana – Natural oil is applied around the ear and to the scalp which helps to pacify Vata dosha and strengthens the nerve cells. Bilva taila, Kshara taila, Ksheerabala taila etc are also well administered.
  • Shamana oushadha – Oral Ayurvedic medicine

Natural Herbs

  • Pibhadra – Erythrina indica
  • Bala – Sida cordifolia
  • Sariva – Hemidesmus indicus
  • Amalaki (Amla) – Emblica officinalis
  • Bilva(Bael Tree) – Aegle marmelos
  • Gokshura – Tribulus terrestris
  • Yashtimadhu – Glycyrrhiza glabra (Indian liquorice)

Formulations Used to cure Hearing loss-

  • Sarivadi Vati – used in Tinnitus, hearing loss, ear infection etc.
  • Amalaki Rasayana – useful for anti aging treatment
  • Saptamrita Loha – used in the treatment of ear disorders
  • Bilva Taila – used in the treatment of ear pain
  • Ashwagandharishta – Strengthens nerve cells
  • Balarishta – Fosters nervous system
  • Shadbindu Tail and Anu tail – used for Nasya to pacify Pata in ear, nose, throat region.

Pranayama Techniques

Pranayama techniques that require you to hold your breath for long time or those involving heavy breathing, may worsen the condition. Hence, follow those techniques, such as Anulom – Vilom Pranayam.

Deafness is a discomforting symptom, prevalent in men. Even though it is neglected as a simple complaint but prolonged discomfort can cause depression and other life -threatening disarrays’ in few individuals. So, immediate and proper treatment will help to manage the condition in a hassle free fashion.