The Road to Wellness

Line of treatment: -

  • Agni Deepana – Helps in Improving your appetite
  • Ama Pachana – Helps in the digestion process
  • Strengthening Grahani or Gastro intestinal system

Healing Therapies

The retreat session includes panchakarma, external therapies, internal natural medications, yoga, food and life style changes.

  • Panchakarma – Panchkarma treatment is initialized to revamp both your physical and mental health. Ayurveda aims at the detoxification of the body or elimination of toxins from the body fluids. It is better achieved by "Panchakarma" treatments. Panchakarma is the flagship treatment therapy of Ayurveda which can cure almost any disease in the world without any negative side -effects. The program is highly intended for people with constant work –life stress, addicts of tobacco, alcohol and drugs, those who are suffering from chronic diseases like- arthritis, digestive problems, obesity, insomnia, or just for those who just wants to purify both their body and soul to get refreshed. Natural herbs stand as the fundamental ingredients in these sessions. Also, these procedures being completely natural are totally safe in practice. The treatment sessions are well supervised by much- qualified Ayurvedic doctors and trained professionals.
  • External Therpaies – Abhyanga, Shiro Dhara, Chakra Basti, Hrid Basti.
    Abhyangam – It is healing oil massage session which would refresh both your body and mind. It is an unmatched massage therapy that would help in anti-ageing issues, healing body pains and much more. Shiro Dhara- in this therapy, medicated oil, butter milk and herbal extracts are allowed to flow as a continuous stream ,just over the upper forehead . Along with this continuous stream, a gentle palm massage is done on the forehead by an experienced staff.
  • Internally –Pitta Shamana (Medicines to optimize vitiated body), Vranashodhana-ropana (Helps in curing ulcers), Grahi (helps in proper digestion of food meals) ,Stambhana and Rasayana (Restores back immune functions)


  • Specific Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation and Deep relaxation techniques.