Obtaining Optimal Health Naturally

Ayurvedic provides gentle care to your delicate eyes and also ensures that they are treated in the most gentle and efficient fashion. Ayurvedic medicines improve the immunity, eliminates the allergy and take utmost care of the eye infection which ensures healthy eyes without null side effects.

List of Ayurvedic preparations to heal Conjunctivitis-

  • Triphala lotion – used as an eyewash
  • Triphala choorna - Advised to take orally
  • Chandrodaya vati - To desensitize an individual to allergies

Cold Water Fomentation Therapy

The cold water fomentation of the eyes provides almost immediate relief from the irritable itching effect. The procedure is practised by folding a small hand towel, saturate it with cold water, squeeze out excess water and place the towel gently over both the eyes. It is covered with a piece of warm cloth to retain the temperature. The process is repeated as soon as the foment becomes warm. After completing the fomenting session, the eyes should be then covered with a dry towel, and the patient is asked to lie back and relax.

Dietary Regime

  • Hot, oily and spicy foods must be avoided
  • Juice of Amla (Indian Gosseberry ) is highly advised to the patients
  • Turmeric along with honey is applied as an eye ointment