Ayurvedic Treatments

Let, me tell you a truth- It can’t be completely cured, but proper treatment would considerably improve the scenario. Autism is regarded as a chronic disease which can last for some few years to life-long.

Ayurveda follows a holistic approach to get autism out of your children.

The therapeutics include-

  • Talapothichil
  • Podikizhi or the Satahwadi Churnam
  • Pizichil
  • Tailadhara
  • Abyangam
  • Pichu: Mahabala tailam
  • Navarakizhi with ajamamsam

An Overview of the Healing Treatment Sessions

Ayurvedic system takes utmost care of your vigor its various sessions uplift your wellness in complete natural ways. The best part of Ayurveda is it can cure almost any disorder without any negative side-effects.

Treatment Benefits: -

Pizichil is a traditional Ayurvedic therapy and it is also regarded as the ‘King of all therapies”. A warm medicated oil is squeezed onto the patient’s body for about 60 -90 minutes of time. Pizichil sessions can help to cure psychological problems like anxieties, stress and other mental traumas.

Abyangam is healing massage session which would refresh both your body and mind. It is an unmatched massage therapy that would help in anti-ageing issues, healing body pains and much more.

Navarakizhi or the nourishing therapy offers comprehensive solutions for a myriad of modern day diseases. Under this treatment, the body is forced to perspire in natural ways to eliminate toxins and to maintain the optimum balance.


A gluten free diet is provided to afflicted patients. Gluten is generally found in foods like wheat, barley and rye. Also, dairy products are doffed from the diet plans.

In addition to natural herbal supplements and proper lifestyle routines, Yoga plays a vital in managing autism and its ill effects on children.

The treatment should ideally be continued for 28 days, and within 14 days of rigorous Ayurvedic practices a considerable behavioural change could be witnessed.

Through Ayurvedic medications, regular yoga, scheduled meditations and by following specific and controlled diet, patients afflicted with autism are able to become functional again in no time.