Asthma develops due to a combination of various stern environmental and genetic factors.

Here’s a full list of it-

  • Genetics- A medical history of being suffered in asthma by any family member acts as one of the underlying causes for it.
  • Environmental factors - Substances like dust, pollen and feathers triggers the chances of this deadly disease. Also, various air pollutants, dry or cold wind, smog and fogs further worsen the condition.
  • Certain medications- Medicines like aspirin and other inflammatory drugs plays a key role behind the occurrence of this life-threatening disorder.
  • Occupational environment- People working in mining and textile industries often get easily afflicted by asthma.
  • Infections -Infections in respiratory system can lead to asthma in no time.
  • Strenuous exercises- During exercises, inhalation of cold air can evoke asthma attacks.
  • Emotional stress – Psychological factors like mental stress, worries, anxieties and fears further propels the scenario.