Ayurveda the most trusted ancient medical discipline is still in practice by a myriad of cultures all around the world. Ayurvedic herbal supplement, natural remedies and dietary reforms performs well to heal asthma in no time.

The line of treatment includes-

  • Yoga asana postures
  • Healthy Ayurvedic food meals and special Ayurvedic herbal tea.
  • Meditational techniques.
  • Herbalized oil massage (sesame oil)
  • Panchakarma:The rejuvenation therapy
  • Daily progress will be tracked by an Ayurvedic health consultant

Get A More Detailed View

Ayurvedic can help to improve your condition in complete natural weeks within a span of just two weeks. Get ready to take a ride with us to the healing retreat.

Inside an Ayurvedic Clinic Centre

“You ideally should switch off your cell phone and hibernate your laptop”- The caption flashes right inside the reception hall. In case of true emergencies, you could ask your near and dear ones to get hooked to the office contact numbers.

Ayurveda is natural medical system which helps to lower down your stress as well as fosters your inner health. So, it is very much essential that you should hibernate all your gadgets and get disconnected from woes of the outer world.

Get Ready


Before getting started, the Ayurvedic doctors would review your medical history and would strategize the treatment as per the requisite conditions.

Your maiden treatment would begin in the morning hours with the “Steam bath". It is very much essential to detoxify your body. Yoga classes will be followed to get you synced with the nature.

Breakfast would include raw fruits like apples and dates along with herbal Ayurvedic tea blended with natural ingredients.

At lunch as well as dinner time you would be served beets with a steamy bowl of Kitchari. This food is very much easy to digest and loaded with much needed proteins.

During afternoon, herbalized hot oil massage therapy is done by professionally trained staffs to reduce the twinges in your body.

At evening, you would be advised to take a brisk walk around the serene environment and sun down meditations would tranquilize your mind in no time.


After the initial week, almost all the procedures remain same. Rejuvenation or better known as Panchkarma treatment is initialized to revamp both your physical and mental health.

Panchkarma is truly an augmented experience which is exceptionally ecstatic. The feeling of mounted by four hands with sesame and lavender oils would land you in a blissful azure, like never before.

Also, at every morning an Ayurvedic health consultant would visit to address your issues. And, finally at the terminal day your improvement would be tracked and further consultation would be provided.

Finding an Ayurvedic clinic has just hot easier!