How well Ayurveda works in Allergic Rhinitis

Ayurvedic Treatment offers a plethora of curative medicines that work well to cure Allergic Rhinitis in no time. And moreover, every remedy is carefully prescribed on the basis of the patient’s earlier medical history.

Few of our amazing remedies include-

  • Usage of Natural herbs - Herbs like Haridra (Turmeric) , Tulasi (Holy Basil) and Adulasa (Vasaka) are extensively used in treating Allergic Rhinitis . Haridra comprises of excellent anti-inflammatory properties, Tulasi helps in optimum respiratory balance ,while Vasaka restores back the normal lung function.
  • Healthy diet - Along with a healthy diet, patients are advised to have an extra few pinches of turmeric on their platter. Hot milk with turmeric is a must have for induvials’ afflicted by allergies rhinitis.
  • Hot pan technique- Inhalation of hot fumes with added turmeric on it.
  • Blend of Ghee and Turmeric - A very thin layer of ghee-turmeric mixture is applied to the inner sides of nostrils.