Adenoids Ayurvedic Treatment

Save your child from complex surgeries and steroid based drugs. Instead, opt for safe and non-surgical Ayurvedic treatment for Adenoid problems.

Line of Treatment-

  • Managing the local pain and swelling
  • Healing infections
  • Diet restrictions
  • Lifestyle adjustments

Some of the Natural Herbs used in the therapeutics-

  • Dronapushpi (Leucas cephalotus) – used to treat liver disorders and also cough and cold.
  • Daruharidra (Berberis aristata)- used for healing eye, nose and nose disorders
  • Pippali (Long pepper)- reduces inflammation and swelling
  • Shunthi – It is an anti-inflammatory herb.

Formulations recommended in Adenoids

  • Shringyadi choornam - It is a combination of three herbs, used in treatment of cough, fever and vomiting
  • Sithopaladi choorna - Extensively used to cure children respiratory issues.
  • Pippalyasava - Used in the treatment of anemia, digestive problems, sprue, liver disorders and lymph tissue disorders
  • Kanchanara Guggulu - It is used to cure lymphatic system disorders, fever, cough, cold, etc. And, it has been also proven beneficial to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Nimbadi Kashayam - Doffs bacterial infection.
  • Khadiradi Vati - An Ayurvedic medicine which can heal throat disarray’s, tonsillitis and many more.
  • Gorochanadi Gulika - Used in bronchitis, asthma, diseases of throat and tonsillitis
  • Nirgundyadi oil – Massaged locally over the inflamed area to reduce pain and swelling

Lifestyle Adjustments

  • Get enough sleep
  • Take warm food and beverages
  • Drink warm water
  • Try to have Green tea added with tulsi, pepper and ginger,
  • Eat Pomegranate
  • Have lemon in your regular diet
  • Also, intake of black pepper in diet is highly advised

Count on Ayurveda. It can surely cure Adenoids without any negative effects, Remember, proper and in time treatment helps to prevent the surgical intervention of Adenoids.