The Hands On Therapy That Gets Result

Acne is one of the burning cosmetic health problem of today’s modern society. Only Ayurvedic therapies and medicines hold the key in treating acne in complete natural ways without any adverse side-effects.

With the help of Ayurveda, it is possible to get rid of this painful acne with minimal recurrences.

Let’s see how it works-

An Outlook of the Ayurvedic Treatment Program

Detoxifying natural herbs are used to purify the blood. Herbs like neem, turmeric etc. have anti-bacterial properties which hep to cleanse acne in no time. Also, hormonal balancing therapy is done to bring back the body hormones to optimum levels.

Complexion enhancer like turmeric and sandal wood paste are applied to make you look more bright and radiant. Meditations and yoga are rigorously practised to lower down all your anxieties and worries.

List of Herbs Used to Cure Acne

  • Nimba (Neem)- Well-known as a blood purifier and it prevents from further worsening of skin
  • Haridra (Turmeric)-It helps to reduce the oiliness of the skin.
  • Daruharidra (Berberis aristata)-It diminishes the acne scars
  • Sariva (Hemidesmus indicus)– It brings back the complexion of the skin.
  • Chandana (Sandal wood) – A natural herb which is very beneficial the skin.
  • Rakta Chandana (Red sandal)– Improves the blood circulation in the body and purifies the blood.
  • Usheera (Vetiver) -Acts as cooling agent and lowers down stress.
  • Amalaki (Indian Gooseberry) –Nourishes both the skin and blood.
  • Shatavari, Ashwagandha and Ashoka –It is used to correct hormonal imbalances.

In severe cases, Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments like Vamana (vomiting therapy) and Virechana (purgation treatment) are very effective. Vanama therapy is done for acne vulgaris and Virechana is usually recommended for patients having acne rosacea.

Vamana (vomiting therapy)- It is a controlled vomiting therapy which is pre planned and induced for a definite time. It thus expels harmful toxins out of your body.

Advantages of Vamana therapy:

Vitiated and unwanted toxins is expelled out of the body, which fastens the healing of the disease. The digestion and metabolism gets enhanced.The individual gains strength, nourishment and immunity. The Vanama therapy also improves your virility and sexual power.

Before Vamana therapy:

Before Vamana therapy, you will be given a digestive medicine such as Trikatu churna, Chitrakadi Vati, Hingwashtaka Churna etc. for up to three days.

After that, you will be asked to drink a specific type of natural ghee or oil for another 3 – 7 days. This process of consuming ghee is called as Snehakarma or oleation therapy.

Post ghee consumption, you will be advised to undergo oil massage along with a sweating treatment. At that very night, you will be given with diets such as sweet curds, black gram Vada etc.

Post Care after the vomiting therapy

After the therapy the hands, feet and face of the patient are washed with warm water

  • The patient should be consoled.
  • Made to undergo herbal smoking
  • He is then shifted into a room which is not exposed to the wind and should lie down there.

Along with Vanama therapy, Prithvi Mudra has also proven very beneficial among the patients Prithvi Mudra makes your more body sturdy and helps to calm down your body.

Method : Join the tip of the thumb and ring finger and start chanting "OM".