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Travel to India – Summer Ayurvedic Treatment

A two-week Ayurvedic cure will target the problem at its root and not just the symptoms.

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If you are looking for a natural way to detoxify your body, rejuvenating or losing a few pounds two weeks of ayurvedic cure are just what you need and summer is the best time to do Ayurvedic treatments. Let yourself be pampered by massages and daily care in one of the best Ayurvedic centers in Kerala, South India.

The treatment is tailored to your needs and will be fixed during a discussion with the doctor upon arrival. You can decide to do a detoxification, rejuvenation or weight loss program or why not all three at the same time?

You can also treat other problems such as migraine, sinusitis, joint pain, arthritis or sciatica as well as digestive disorders. This is the right place if you decide to do genuine panchakarma, the five detoxifying actions. The Ayurvedic center has good results in chronic diseases, stress and pain relief as well as insomnia.

A two-week Ayurvedic cure will target the problem at its root and not just the symptoms. It will have long term beneficial effects on your health that can be further improved by applying the newly acquired knowledge about the healthy lifestyle and nutrition that you will get during the workshops included in the program.

A discipline that is over 5000 years old, Ayurveda is regarded as the sister of Yoga and the longest form of medicine practiced continuously on the planet. The strength of Ayurveda lies in its understanding that we are not all unique and, as such, have different needs in nutrition and lifestyle.

Note: The following is a typical program schedule and is usually customized based on individual preferences. All the activities mentioned below may be present in certain packages.

On a typical day, you wake up and join the optional soft yoga class followed by massage and ayurvedic treatment. Three healthy meals will be served. The afternoons are usually free, you can relax, do excursions or shopping. You can also sunbathe on the most amazing beach of the area, with fine sand, lined with coconut palms and swim in the Indian Ocean water. Two excursions and two workshops as well as meditation classes are also part of the program.

The first workshop will introduce you to the world of spices and how to eat according to your metabolism. In addition to being aromatic and not necessarily spicy, the spices change the characteristics of the food to which they are added and improve digestion. We will taste, feel, mix and learn to use them in our daily cooking. After the workshop, you can choose your own fresh spices on the market which is an experience in itself.

The second workshop will focus on healthy living and what to do to keep the mind strong and energy levels high in order to avoid stress and toxins. We will examine the ideal daily program and how to adapt to the different seasons and the climate where we live.

Two excursions are also part of the program. We will take a typical fishing boat from Kerala to visit the "Backwaters", a network of interconnected canals and lakes. This is the right place to spot many unique species of birds, animals and fish and take the most beautiful photos of the sunset.

The second excursion will take you to historic Cochin. We will visit the ancient Portuguese fort, the place from where the ships fully loaded to Europe on the mythical spice route. At different times in history three colonial powers occupied Cochin and left signs of Portuguese, Arab and Chinese influence throughout the city.

Kerala is the best place in India to do an Ayurvedic cure. This land has a mild climate and natural forests with a wealth of herbs and medicinal plants. All these factors are best suited for Ayurvedic treatments. Considered a must by Lonely Planet and National Geographic Kerala is also a place where ecotourism is practiced. It is one of the most developed states of India, where almost everyone speaks English and security is not a problem.

In addition to nature and the stunning sunsets, you can also enjoy one of the oldest cultures in the world. Dance performances Kathakali and Bharatanatyam are to be enjoyed. Indian cuisine is already recognized throughout the world. You would have the opportunity to taste the South Indian dishes, especially those which are mainly vegetarian and not necessarily spicy.

Looking for a Treatment/Travel Package


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