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Secret behind Mohanlals's age defying fitness

Secret behind Mohanlals's age defying fitness

For an actor to stay and lead the industry for the last 3 decades, with 3-5 movies a year, it demands outstanding physical and mental health. It is Ayurveda which helps Mohanlal to keep himself fit and rejuvenated. Mohanlal's relationship with Ayurveda started when he had a strong back pain about 30 year ago. This relationship still continues as strong as ever.

Mohanlal, known as ‘the complete actor’ is ruling the malayalam film industry for the past 3 decades. He has won 4 national film awards, including the award for best actor twice. He is regarded as one of the most natural actors of Indian Cinema history. Mohanlal has also been part of Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and Kannada films. He was honored with the Padmashri in 2001 for his excellent contribution to the Indian movie industry.

Mohanlal’s relationship with Ayurveda started when he had a strong back pain about 30 years ago.

The pain was constant and irritating. The symptoms included frequent pain, all the way from the toes to the back of the neck, and stinging pain through the bones.

It was a difficult time for Mohanlal, as he was suffering from pain during the shoots, but he tried his maximum to hide it from others. During this period, he consulted with the doctors he already knew, and tried various treatments and medications. But they didn’t give him much relief.

Later Mohanlal consulted a well reputed surgeon in Chennai. After a series of diagnosis, the doctor advised a surgery which requires screwing of a few bolts on the back bone. He was also informed that, after the surgery, he would require to take rest for a few months and also there is no guarantee of the back getting back to normal.

Mohanlal was busy with many projects, still suffering from persistent pain. This also affected him mentally as he felt a feeling of depression and loneliness. Gradually, he got used to the pain and that was the only way for him to move on at that point.

Finally during the shoot of the movie ‘Aram Tampuran’, Mohanlal met the real Aram Tampuran of Poomullymana. He discussed with Tampuran about the pain he was suffering. Tampuran performed a series of diagnosis over his body. His explanation of the disease condition was different.

According to him, the condition has no direct connection with the spine, and the treatment procedures followed in such cases are very different. According to him, the reason for the pain was due to some imbalance in one or two marma points in the back region. This disturbance in the marma point can be due to some minor injury that has happened a long time ago. He also explained a treatment procedure to his assistants.

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Mohanlal then got himself admitted in Poomullymana, for treatment. He received a series of external massage therapies. Gradually the pain reduced. Tampuran also recommended to continue the treatment, in between his busy work like. This is how Mohanlal became a firm believer of Ayurveda, and his respect for Late. Aaram Tampuran at Poomullymana is beyond words.

This real life experience of Malayalam superstar Mohanlal, were he tried all sorts of treatments including modern medicine, and all failed to contribute in curing his condition, and finally Ayurveda coming to the rescue is a big testimonial for the traditional Indian system of medicine.

About Ayurvedic Treatment

One of the main advantage of Ayurveda, over modern medicine is that, the treatment procedures and the medicines are completely natural and side-effect free. In Ayurveda, in most of the cases, the cause of the disease is explained as due to the accumulation of toxins (called 'ama' in Ayurveda) in various parts of the body. When the toxins accumulate to a certain extent, then the symptoms will start to appear. 

Panchakarma is a division in Ayurveda, which explains different procedures that are focused on eliminating accumulated toxins from different parts of the body. This is a widely used technique in Ayurveda, for the treatment of a number of disease conditions and rejuvenation therapies.

Looking to relief from Back Pain


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After the success of Drishyam, which released in 2013, he has had some failures and criticisms in the choice of roles in the past years, from 2014-2015; the only commercial success being the Ranjith directed ‘loham’. There were some really forgettable performances from the actor.

2016 was Mohanlal’s year, with a massive combined gross collection of INR 375 crores worldwide, from 4 movies. His movie ‘Pulimurugan’ became the biggest hit ever of malayalam cinema, crossing the 100 crore mark for the first time. He came 4th to other actors including Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan in the gross box office collection of the year. And all these achievements came at the age of 57. Even at this age, his willingness to do the extreme challenging and adventurous scenes makes him the greatest actors of our generation. Some of the action sequences in ‘Pulimurugan’ are mind blowing, and show the dedication of the man towards the making of a quality movie.

For his upcoming big budget movie titled ‘Villain’ with director B. Unnikrishnan, the role demanded some loss in body weight. Mohanlal was under Ayurveda treatment for weight loss. He is always been a follower of Ayurveda, and undergoes a rejuvenating and detoxification therapy every year.

Looking to relief from Back Pain


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