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Oil Gulping: Ancient healing method is a new trend

Although oil gulping has been known to us only for a few years, it has already found many followers. From allergies to toothache, numerous problems can be alleviated with oil gulping. But what is the unique method?

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For some, it now belongs to their daily health ritual, others shake with disgust when they only hear of it. By slurping, chewing and sucking vegetable food oils, many diseases are said to be called for. Originally the oil gulping with sunflower oil comes from the Ukrainian and Belarusian national medicine. However, this natural method of healing was not known in the West until 1991 with an article in the journal Nature and Medicine. The contribution was based on a lecture by the Russian doctor Dr. F. Karach, which he held at a conference of the Ukrainian Association of Oncologists and Bacteriologists.

Oil Gulping: Oil slurp before breakfast

As a preventive measure, the Russian doctor recommends oil slurping in the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach. One to two teaspoons of cold pressed sunflower oil are kept constantly moving through thorough chewing, sucking, rinsing and pulling through the teeth. Gradually, the consistency of the oil changes. The initially thick, yellowish oil becomes less fluid during rinsing and almost white as milk. After about 15-20 minutes the oil is spit out, which will now be loaded with pathogens and toxins. Then the mouth is rinsed several times with water and the teeth cleaned. In acute or chronic diseases, oil gulping can also be used three times a day, but always with an empty stomach before meals. In this way the healing process should be particularly effective.

Oil Gulping: A medium with many possibilities?

Karach reports on the amazing healing power of oil gulping. According to his experience, the mouthwashes with sunflower oil help with countless diseases and ailments. The therapy could cure or at least alleviate toothache, bronchitis, chronic blood diseases and arthrosis, symptoms of paralysis, eczema, insomnia, gastric ulcers, bowel diseases, circulatory disorders, heart and kidney problems and women's diseases. Acute and lighter disorders such as headaches, gum bleeds or colds with inflammations of the forehead and sinuses would be remedied within a short time, usually within two to four days, by mouthwashes. In chronic diseases, it can take up to one year before a treatment can succeed. In addition, oil extraction improves the general condition, strengthens the defenses and prevents so many diseases.

Often, the condition worsens initially

It is not uncommon for oil gulping to cause the so-called initial aggravations. They are also known for other alternative healing methods and are evaluated as a positive signal of the body. They indicate that self-healing forces have been activated in the organism, which dissolve the disease, and metabolise and excrete degradation products. Oil gulping is designed to detoxify the body by mobilizing and excising pathogens and other toxic substances via the oral mucosa. However, this is not scientifically proven. There are different explanatory approaches, but they are based only on assumptions. It is believed that certain stimuli are applied to the oral mucosa during oil rinsing. As a result, the acupuncture points in the mouth would stimulate the metabolism, give various pathogens and toxins. These would be bound to the oil and thus separated. Another thesis assumes that energetic sun particles, which according to Einstein's theory of quantum theory are called photons or light quanta, are absorbed from the sunflower oil via the oral mucosa into the organism. The force emanating from the photons is responsible for the construction of cells and have a favorable influence on the physical well-being.

Taste - not just sunflower oil is suitable

In Ayurvedic medicine, whose origins lie in India, oil gargling or oil pulling is well established. However, sesame oil is used since, according to the Ayurvedic doctrine, it is particularly effective and should enter the oral mucosa better than other plant oils. In Ayurveda, oil gargles mainly serve to purify the oral cavity and throat. In addition, oil rinse should strengthen the gum and support a firm fit of the teeth. Since the oil extraction is only used for cleansing, it is enough to rinse the mouth with the oil for only 2-3 minutes. For prolonged use ayurvedic doctors advise to swallow the oil several times and replace it with fresh ones. This prevents reabsorption of pathogens and toxins via the oral mucosa. In addition to coconut, sunflower and sesame oil, many other high-quality vegetable oils such as olive, safflower, linseed or nut oil are recommended. Even a variant with Aloe Vera gel is described by an author.

Oil gulping: Serious healing method or quackery?

Unfortunately, almost all information about the oil therapy is based on experience reports. Only a reader survey of the journal Nature and Medicine with 119 feedbacks was statistically evaluated. Of course, mostly people with positive experiences reported. They reported successful effects, especially in the windpipe, teeth and gums, as well as their general condition. However, twelve readers indicated that worsening occurred or that they had broken off the oil therapy because of side effects. What is missing so far are clinical trials, which could scientifically prove or disprove the success of the therapy. Thus it is also to be explained that the oil rinsing in medical circles is either not known or is rejected as quackery. On the other hand, naturopaths and doctors, who practice natural naturopathy, increasingly recommend the use of oil gulping as a preventative measure. It is also considered as an additional therapeutic option for acute or chronic diseases.

If you use the mouthwash regularly, you should pay close attention to your body in order to make changes. These include an initial worsening of the disease or even an elevated body temperature. If you are unsure, you should discuss this with your doctor. So while scientific studies on the positive effects of oil pulling are being reported, it is certainly worth trying on the basis of the many positive experiences.

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