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Get to know about Strokes. Act in time

Get to know about Strokes. Act in time

Stroke is a severe medical condition which occurs because of the interruption of the regular blood flow to the brain. Thus, the brain cells get deprived of oxygen which further results in the death of the cells.

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Stroke is a medical emergency which requires prompt treatment or else it would be a life-taking devil in no time. Women are more prone to strokes than males and it generally affects people of higher ages

Types of Stroke 

Ischemic stroke – The most common found cases of stroke and it is caused by blood clots.

Hemorrhagic stroke - Internal bleeding at the brain caused by ruptured blood vessels.

Transient ischemic attack (TIA) - It is often known as ‘Mini Stroke’, occurred because of a temporary blood clot.

Causes of Stroke 

Stroke is primarily caused because of the irregular shortened blood flow to the brain cells. But, there are many lifestyle and eating habits which stands as the basic reasons behind the shortened blood flow.
Lifestyle factors -
Too much of stress
Lack of daily exercise
Shortened sleep timing

Food Habits-
Intake of high amount of cholesterol and saturated fat in regular diet
Alcohol, also plays a key role

Other factors-
Chronic diseases like Diabetes
Mental trauma or depression 
Excessive usage of illicit drugs 


Difficulty in speaking and understanding 
Numbness in the face, leg or at arms 
Blurred vision 
Prolonged Headache 

Stroke can happen at any time of the day to both the genders.  During stroke, every minute counts, so make necessary arrangements as because with proper timely treatment it can be cured in a better fashion.

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