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Anand Dhanu   June 7, 2016, 12:42 a.m.
Cancer: Prevention is better than cure!

Cancer: Prevention is better than cure!

Basics of preventing cancer is eat healthy & follow regular exercise.

A healthy and balanced diet could work as a miracle in preventing Cancer. Here are some diet tips..

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Cancer is one of the widespread diseases among the globe and in some circumstances it turns out to be fatal. Although this life –taking fatal disease can be avoided by adding some simple yet effective steps in our daily schedule.

According to a latest healthcare survey, worldwide more than 20 million people are suffering from this deadly disease and this number is ever increasing day by day. The people of India too have been affected by this global disease and the number of affected patients is increasing at a rocketing speed in the country. As per WHO (World Health Organization), cancer would appear as an epidemic in India by the year 2035.

But doctors and various reputed health experts do believe that cancer could be prevented by making some simple lifestyle changes which includes:-

  • By quitting smoking practices

  • Cutting back alcohol

  • By eating a healthy diet

  • By regular scheduled exercise training

  • By remaining active all throughout the day

  • Trying to avoid the scratchy heat of sun during day time

  • By checking your body-weight  and maintaining it at optimal level

    A Healthy and a Balanced Diet Would Work As a Miracle to Prevent Cancer

    Foods loaded with Vitamin C like oranges and berries would work wonders to prevent various types of cancer and

    also intake of non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, spinach and beans should be encouraged to help prevent and cure this deadly disease. These are some of the cancer fighting foods that would help to remain fit and healthy. A healthy and a balanced diet play an important role as a cancer preventive measure.

    Regular Scheduled Exercise is that all you need

    Exercise increases blood circulation in our body and thus it helps to reduce many diseases in human body. Daily exercise helps to remain active which in turn controls your hormone secretions and also helps in your regular bowels.

    Latest healthcare related research shows strong evidence that daily exercises helps to curb various types of cancer and is also very much beneficial for cancer patients. You can trim your cancer risk up to 80% with regular and scheduled exercises.

    So, what are you waiting for

    Start doing some daily basic exercises or at least try to do some basic yoga to help prevent cancer and also start having healthy foods in your meals across the day. Visit to a nutritionist or a doctor and ask him/her to make a healthy and balanced diet chart for you and follow it strictly without any gaps.

    Always remember your life, your presence and you are very special for your near and dear ones and won’t let a fatal disease like cancer to create a void in your life which would also adversely affect the life of your near and dear ones.

    So, start following these simple lifestyle changes to beat cancer like never before and enjoy spending time with your loved ones and be the person that you always wished to be. Finally, we at Superbeing wish you a healthy life ahead.

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