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Budget Root Canal Treatment in India

Get root canal treatment starting from as low as $50

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Quality treatments at affordable prices is the major factor attracting people from foreign countries. In US, Europe and Canada, dental treatments are very expensive for averages citizens. In United States only 50% of the population has dental insurance. Even those with comprehensive dental packages don’t have dental coverage. Also for a person with a dental insurance, not all treatments are covered in the insurance package.

Take a look at the pricing of Root Canal in different countries-


In Local Currency (Range)

Cost in INR (Range)

Cost in USD (Range)

India (INR)

  3000 - 24000

 3000 - 24000

 45 - 360


          260 - 800

 17000 - 53000

260 - 800

Canada (CAD)

320 - 800

 16000 - 40000

240 - 600

Germany (EURO)

250 - 850

 17000 - 60000

         260 - 900

France (EURO)

250 - 800

 17500 - 56500

         260 - 850


230 - 750

 19000 - 63000

290 - 940

Singapore (SGD)

  300 - 1000

 14000 - 47000

210 - 700


 500 - 2500

   9000 - 45000

140 - 680

Treatment Overview

1. Free consultation over call, chat or email with an expert dental doctor for a second opinion is arranged.

2. The dental expert analysis the x-ray, scan reports of the patient recommend the feasibility of the implant.

3. The patient during his visit, gets a detailed consultation with the doctor.

4. Doctor performs a dental examination analyzing x-ray and scan reports

5. Root Canal Treatment

6. Gum health check up is done

7. Teeth Cleaning

8. Teeth Polishing

9. Do’s and Don’t after the procedure and tips to maintain oral hygiene is explained

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

Usually, the root canal treatment is performed under local anesthesia. This anesthesia completely blocks the pain in the jaw and you will stay awake during the procedure. The dentist will separate the tooth from the rest of the mouth, with a thin layer of rubber called a dyke. This stops the spread of any infection and prevents it from swallowing or breathing any small instrument or liquid used during the procedure.


Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

1. Gets immediate relief from toothache caused due to tooth decay, gum infections, injury to tooth etc

2. Root canal is a simple and painless procedure

3. In root canal treatment, extraction of the tooth is not required and hence minimal risk of getting any further complications

4. Enhances overall health and appearance of the teeth


It’s not just about treatment- Make your trip more relaxing and fun-

In addition to the treatment, if travel is also your agenda of visit , with family or friends, maximize your visit by considering the following, depending on the number of days of stay planned in your travel itinerary-

1. India is a land of diversity. For travelers, we have wonderful beaches, backwaters or hill stations. You can always choose among these in your itinerary.

2. There are several options for your stay here, if you are visiting with your family. You can book budget, premium and luxury resorts, houseboats at comparatively affordable prices.

3. All kinds of travel requirements- like pickup/ drop off, other transportation, accommodation booking, etc can be managed by a travel agent.

4. India has a strong alternative treatment sector in the form of Ayurveda. There are many detoxification and rejuvenation treatment procedures provided by Ayurveda. The procedures are completely natural and hence free from side-effects. You can always include a course of rejuvenation therapy into your itinerary.

5. You can combine different travel packages, get tailor-made packages, book unique experiences by the help of a travel agent.

To get a quote -

To get consultation with a dental professional regarding root canal treatment, and your additional travel requirements if required in India, please send an email to [email protected] or whatsapp @ +91- 8089825363 or fill the booking form by clicking here.


Looking for a Treatment/Travel Package


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