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An easy to follow detox diet

A general detox diet is very safe and anyone can follow it, except for diabetics who should consult their doctor.

Best Detox Diet to follow in Ayurveda

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Ayurveda, the Indian traditional medicine explains a very effective detoxification therapy called Panchakarma. Panchakarma, is a detoxification therapy which is effective for both physical and mental wellbeing of the body. Based on the principles of Panchakarma, a sample detox diet is explained below.

What is a Detox Diet?

A general detox diet is very safe and anyone can follow it, except for diabetics who should consult their doctor. Get to know a few basics about a healthy diabetic diet before looking at one if you are diabetic. The best part about how ayurvedic detoxification is that one can make some changes in the diet according to their conditions and preferences. A specific detox diet (and not a general detox diet) can be of great help to people suffering from chronic diseases.

A Sample Diet-

During the first three days, eat fruits, fruit juices, vegetables and vegetable juices. All fruits and vegetables should be raw and have properties that help detoxify the body. Almost all fruits can be included and seasonal vegetables are optimal for this plan. The rule is that these fruits and vegetables should be easy to digest and light in the stomach.

One can follow this diet for three days and then gradually change to cooked foods like soups, cooked  dal moong  or  moong daal  soup. You can then gradually add  khichadi  to your diet for the next three days. Apart from this, you can also consume fruits, vegetables and their juices as well. The best part of this diet is that the person does not starve himself along with proper nutrition and allow the body to get rid of toxins efficiently.

If you are diabetic, the only change you need to do is to avoid fruits and fruit juices. Instead, eat only vegetables and vegetable juices. If you are required to eat all specific foods as part of your diabetic diet, you can incorporate it into your diet. Consult your physician before beginning this.

Be sure to drink plenty of water and exercise regularly as it supports the detoxification process and eliminates toxins. However, if you feel discomfort, hunger or excessive weakness, be sure to eat as often as necessary.

You can follow this diet every three months (representing about four times in a year). In order to take advantage of your health benefits, you can start this diet at the junction of the seasons, such as when summer changes in the monsoon season. This is because when climatic changes, body and diet experience a lot of changes, which in turn is avoids the accumulation of toxins.

This type of diet is ideal for re-balancing your body. It improves digestion, helps you sleep better, improves your skin tone and increases your energy levels.

If you suffer from a chronic illness such as diabetes or hypertension, there may be times when the diet can lead to what is known as a "healing crisis" (in which the method could cause more harm than good). If this happens, you can go back to your normal diet and consult your doctor for a more appropriate plan. In such cases, it is always best to follow these plans under the guidance of a professional

Looking for an Ayurveda Detoxification Package


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