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The Ayurvedic Diet

Your diet must be varied, enhanced with fresh and healthy products, and should not contain too much animal protein.

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With the growing number of guides offered online, in magazines and elsewhere, it becomes more and more difficult to find the right kind of diet we need! The advice accumulates and sometimes even contradict oneself. Fortunately, following our personal "dosha", Ayurveda allows us to create a regime tuned to our needs and the seasons. Gone are the inadequate and impossible regimes that do not respect our bodies or the planet!

The unavoidable rules

Even if Ayurvedic diet emphasizes our personal dosha and the natural rhythm of the seasons, it presents some great rules that each of us must apply. It is recommended to take your meals in a quiet place, avoiding as much as possible any stress.

Your diet must be varied, enhanced with fresh and healthy products, and should not contain too much animal protein. You must use hot and warm foods and drinks. The quantities must evolve according to the doshas cycle.

Finally, avoid things like caffeine and alcohol, and do not snack. Only fruits should be eaten preferably outside meals. Following these great rules is already making a big step towards a food respectful of your health and metabolism.

Different types of food

Ayurvedic dietetics classifies products according to six tastes. Each taste has its own virtues. For example, pungent foods such as spices and stimulants facilitate digestion. Salty foods relieve nerves and are purgative.

The bitter purifies the organism. The astringent protects the skin. The sweet helps the tissues to regenerate. The acid brings energy. Beyond the flavor, there are three grades of food quality. There are pure foods such as fresh fruits and whole grains that strengthen our immune system.

Other foods (especially those rich in protein) boost our energy in the manner of acid products.

The third category is to be avoided. Ayurveda understands everything that is harmful to us, because too fat, too salty, too sweet or out of season.

To each his diet!

According to the doshas and following the four seasons, the diets vary.

Vata people should have salty, spicy and sweet. They must limit bitter, astringent and acid.

For the personalities with Pitta, it is recommended to eat the bitter, the sweet and the astringent. Better to avoid sour, spicy and salty.

The personalities with Kapha will prefer spice, bitter and astringent. They must avoid sweet, salty and sour, but especially eat very light.

By keeping the basic rules and diet adapted to your dosha, you only have to make a list of seasonal foods good for you, and imagine the recipes that you will like!

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