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Ayurvedic food: Harmony in the abdomen & spirit

"The nutrient supply is crucial for the evaluation of alternative forms of nutrition". Consume Ayurveda Diet Food to balance Kapha, Pitta, Vata Doshas

Ayurveda - this is a treatment practice in India and Sri Lanka, many think. But: The South Asian health teaching, in which body, mind and environment are to be brought into a harmonious balance, can also be applied in the West. Especially as far as nutrition is concerned.

“Because it does not even need exotic food”, according to the author of a book on European Ayurvedic cuisine.


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"The nutrient supply is crucial for the evaluation of alternative forms of nutrition," says Matthias Riedl, a member of the board of the Federal Association of German Nutritionists. Ayurvedic diet with its high proportion of whole grain products, pod fruits, fruits and vegetables provides the body with sufficient nutrients. It is therefore also suitable as permanent food. Most other alternative forms of nutrition are much more critical.

"Basically the Ayurvedic nutritional doctrine is easy to understand," says Elmar Stapelfeldt, research associate and naturopath in the department for natural healing at Immanuel Hospital Berlin. In essence, the core is a kind of energy-saving model that relieves the body. Energy, which the body does not need for the processing of meals, can be invested in mental and physical capacity as well as in the improvement of complaints, according to the theory. Basic energy-saving measures are regular eating of only three meals a day, without intermediate meals, dispensing with digested food and cooking food.


"Boiled foods are more digestible and have better bioavailability," explains Stapelfeldt. The body could thus use them more easily. Also the breakfast should be warm in the ideal situation. In view of an optimal supply of nutrients, however, Riedl argues rather for a mixture of cooked and raw food.

Those who master the basic principles of Ayurvedic nutrition can specifically address individual health problems, according to Stapelfeldt. This diet can help with chronic diseases such as irritation, arthritis or respiratory diseases.

The three so - called Doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha forces, which control all functions in the body, play a role in so far as they are present in a healthy measure. In excess, however, they produce undesirable symptoms. For example, a Vata excess, according to the Ayurvedic doctrine, may lead to dryness in the body. Possible consequences could be dry joints, for example osteoarthritis, or dry skin, for example psoriasis, explains Stapelfeldt. It is therefore important for people with a Vata constitution to eat moisturizing foods such as ghee or sesame oil.


In order to prepare dishes, however, it is not necessary to cook them separately. A traditional recipe can be modified in portions by means of spices, which can be added individually to the table, Rhyner says.

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