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An Ayurvedic approach to cure Parkinson's Disease

An Ayurvedic approach to cure Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's Disease is a central nervous system disorder that causes difficulty in movement, and also causes frequent tremors. It primarily occurs when our nerve cells positioned at the brain gets damaged. The loss of nerve cell creates a plunge in the dopamine levels which then results as Parkinson's Disease.

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Types of Parkinson's Disease 

Drug-Induced: Excessive intake of steroid based drugs or intake of medications without prior permission of doctor results in this form of Parkinson's Disorder.

Striatonigral Degeneration: It progresses at an increasing pace in the affected patients body and causes a lot of other physical complications.

Arteriosclerotic: It is a condition that occurs when the brain's blood vessels are broken because of multiple mild stroke attacks.

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Causes of Parkinson's Disease

The several factors that appear to play a role, includes-

Genetic mutation disorder

Death of nerve cells at brain 

The presence of Lewy bodies in the brain cells 

Exposure to certain harmful toxins or other environmental factors may increase the risk further

Risk Factors

Underlying are some of the triggering factors which increases your risk of getting afflicted by Parkinson's Disease. 

Higher ages, especially among people ageing above 60

If you have someone in your family with a Parkinson's Disorder as their medical history 

Males are prone to this tremoring disorder 

Prolonged exposure to herbicides and pesticides 

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Symptoms Parkinson's Disease

You may experience a tremor, or shaking often at your hand or fingers

Reduced ability to move and walk as well as making simple tasks difficult and more time-consuming than earlier.

Muscle stiffness may occur

Impoverished posture and balance.

It may become hard to write and speak 

Prevention Techniques

Do regular aerobic exercises

Have a healthy diet meal

Avoid carrying things while you walk.

Do daily living activities to keep up yourmobility, such as-  dressing, eating and bathing.

Line of Treatment

Although various modern day treatment options are available but, still Ayurveda tops the list as the most augmented natural therapeutics which helps to eliminate the root causes of Parkinson's Disease in no time. 

Ayurveda follows a more holistic approach to prevent and cure Parkinson's Disease. According to Ayurveda principles, the main reason behind our myriad of physical disorders is our own disturbed or toxified body. So, at first Ayurveda helps to foster the inner health of the body which then automatically cures the various disorders without any adverse side-effects. Hence, Ayurvedic treatment sessions can be a win –win situation for you- Get back your healthy body along with your specific needs.

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