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Superbeing Admin   May 17, 2016, 2:50 p.m.
8 Tips for a Healthier, Disease-free Monsoon

8 Tips for a Healthier, Disease-free Monsoon

Most diseases sprout out with monsoon and you have to be really really careful about your health condition.

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Monsoon, the season of rain brings you lot of memories to cherish. The time has come to say goodbye to the everlasting holidays and all the fun. It’s time to get back to the school. But along with all this happiness, ensure that you stay healthy throughout this season.

Things to keep in mind before welcoming monsoon:

  1. Take hot bath

    Rain followed by summer causes infections and cold. The best way to keep yourself from these trouble is through taking hot bath with neem leaves boiled in it.

  1. Conjunctivitis

    Conjunctivitis is  a common problem seen in monsoon along with redness in the eyes. Avoid wearing too much of eye makeup’s or contact lenses. Try to take good care of your eyes, wash them often with cold water whenever there is a chance for allergens to attack your eyes.

  1. No Ice-creams

    If you are someone craving for ice creams during rain, put a pause to it. Having ice creams during monsoon calls for nasal problems and sore throat. Instead, take some hot healthy foodie stuffs

  1. Carry your umbrella or rain coat when you step out

    Drenching in the first shower of monsoon brings out the worst results on health. It’s really important to carry your umbrella with you than getting drenched in the rain. Monsoon is ready to welcome you with lot of infections, fungus attacks or fever. Don’t go and fall into the pit all by yourself.

  1. Mosquito repellent is a must

    Use of mosquito repellents during rainy season helps in preventing the chances of having dengue fever. Avoid the pooling of water in your surroundings. Use some anti-mosquito repellent creams.

  1. Stay warm

    Avoid the chances of having cold and cough by keeping your body moderately warm. Say no to cool drinks and prefer hot coffees or herbal tea.

  1. Eat healthy food

    It’s not good to go for fast foods, because your stomach might find it difficult to digest these things with the climate change. Drink filtered or boiled water.

  1. Improve your immunity

    The best way to avoid monsoon trouble is to prevent the chances of getting them. Regular exercise, yoga and meditation would help you improve the immunity level.

Best natural treatments are available in monsoon season. So enjoy the monsoon staying healthy.

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